Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7/31/2012 Starting All Over Again? pr

                                                 Starting All Over Again?  Pr

                      Really? Starting All Over Again? Yes!  I was off the Chemo Medicine Ameridex 1 mg for two weeks.

                     This was like a medicine rest!  I was back to my normal self.  That means no leg pains, no joint pains,  no nausea, no heartburn that was complements of my Chemo Medicine Ameridex.  Getting back on  has my hormones in a flux.  I do not want veggies, or fruit.  It is just like I am pregnant, which I am no where near!  As I said earlier. I was down to eating a small cubed piece of fruit.  I had to cover it with  peanut butter to even get it down and maybe a tablespoon of soup, of some sorts.  I continued this way  until I had earlier luck with McMooMoo’s small hamburger with lettuce and tomato and the fries and a small          coke.  This is my third day of such nonsense!  To me, no nausea, or heartburn.  Go figure.  I cannot.  Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933.  Please leave a comment.   www.women70andover.com

Monday, July 30, 2012

7/30/12 Eat What You Want! Let The Chips Fall!

                        MY MEDS WENT BAM! The Recipient ME! PR

                                             Went back on my cancer Chemo drug Armeridex 1mg.  It brought on nausea.  Then was put on   PROCHLORPER 10 mg (generic for COMPUZINE.)  First, it zapped my energy. Two my vision changed. Third, my allergy kicked in and my hands and feet swelled and itched  like crazy!  At that point my DUH? Kicked in and  what little smarts I had left ..and being Sunday I stopped taking it.  Lucky for me, my ANGEL ALLERGIST DR.   MICHEAL KOHEN had given me my emergency pills of PREDISONE. With some effort, it started working a few  hours later. So I could sleep.  During all of this, the nausea and heartburn would not let me eat more than one bit  of fruit.. or one spoon of soup, or whatever.  I felt like I wanted a small burger and fries from McDonalds’s and a coke, all of which   VEGETARIAN that I am, would never look at.  I got in the car.  Bill drove.  We were on a mission. It was 95 degrees outside.   My gallant husband, Bill cooled the car down for me and off we went.  The plan was to see if I could even eat the McD stuff.   Would it burn midway like the veggie foods and fruits and no coke had done?  Oh! My little bag came out.  Bill drove on..I ate like   people woof down steaks!  There were big slices of onions!  Lettuce and tomato!  No mayo.  I never, ever eat raw onions.   I did eat it all, French fries and washed it down with the coke.  No burning!  I thought..later I must pay and pay for the awful Moo,  Moo event.  This is almost 24 hours later and my belly is calm!  What to do now?  Do I go on a Moo, Moo, diet only at Mc Doodle’s?   Time will tell, right now bigger things are at hand.  I am waiting for the clock to let me call the UROLOGIST. As what I suspected when   I got up this a.m. and went on my walk.  LADY! IF YOU THINK THE NAUSEA AND HEARTBURN WAS BAD!  You are now the proud owner of   a bladder infection!  “Hey, I had that two weeks ago!” WRONG! Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933  please comment.. www.women70andover.com


Sunday, July 29, 2012

7/29/12 Healing the Hard Way ! pr

                                    Healing the Hard Way!

That means: Many nerves are coming to life. I felt like the outside of the NO BOOB  felt one day, like thorns.  That is gone.  Then there was hearburn. That meant anything I would eat..A drop of this or that burned.  That went on for what seemed like days.  Got a pill for that.  Heartburn has quieted down.  I know It is there, but it gave me a pass to the calm side. Letting me eat a bit more.  Then
Ms. NAUSEA kicked in.  That means I would want soup take a few bites and that love affair was over.  Would want only fruit.  Same story.  Dr. Weiss nipped that.  He gave me a pill for that.  I know MS. NAUSEA can still be in the wings..So I eat very carefully. That means: NOT WITH GUSTO!  That kind of eating is for buffet goers!  Sweets are YUK!  My beloved dark chocolate kisses (4 daily) I no longer have..They are on the YUK list. On the other hand.  I have a more calmness in the belly, it is trying so hard to say:

“Hey You Want To Get A Cheeseburger, YOU FREEK VEGETARIAN?"   “NAW..I am hanging out with MS NAUSEA & MR HEARTBREAKER, I MEAN HEARTBURN!”Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933
Please leave a comment, not your nausea or heartburn!..  www.women70andover.com

Saturday, July 28, 2012

7/28/12... Get Ready To Find OUT! pr

                        How Strong Are You?  Get Ready To Find Out!

       Everyone thinks, “Naw! This cannot happen to me!  It is happening to the next person NOT ME!”  You look great! You hop in your car and off you go.  Gee, you are smart, you know what the the basic foods are!  You know you must exercise!  TRAP!  That is where the TRAP! Comes in!  Knowing is one thing!  It keeps you falsely safe, until BAM! That heavy chest feeling is going to be OPEN HEART SURGERY 4-BY-PASSES! Do you have a plan in place?  Who will be your caregiver?  If you have MEDICARE, after your three-day stay in the hospital you are eligible to go to a Rehab Center.  They will take care of you.  Who? Will check on you there?  You called for the nurse; she did not come to your room that moment. Ah! Your caregiver will help you.  DUH!  Who will that be?  Dear Ones:  Now is the time to come to the aid of YOURSELF!  DO NOT WAIT!  Even the best laid plans of mice and men come into play!  Or what hits the fan, YOU!  The best plans you can make today is GET IN SHAPE TODAY!  Have your plans in place.  If you are single, you need double time people to help you.  If you are married, you can wear out your caregiver!  What does all that mean?  Eat RIGHT and walk until you turn blue!  Get on a program of self-help while you have choices.  Dear Ones:  The choice is yours…..NOW! Hugs,phyllis, 05/06/1933  please leave a comment.  www.women70andover.com

Friday, July 27, 2012


I am able to raise both of my arms straight up over my head.  I can also stretch them with hands clasp in front and back of me. I must add another exercise to the mix daily.  They are the Butterfly Stretch, the wall climb: side, Side-lying Reach, Seated Side Stretch.On and on it goes!  There are more of every sort.  What is this going to do for me!? It will make my radiation go easier, in every way.  After doing these exercises I become very sore for the whole day.  What kind of sore, you might ask?  The kind of sore like you were hit in the side and with by a large truck. Even my soft cotton shirt hurts as it touches the area  as I move during the day..After a nights sleep it is so much better in the morning.  Then my walk and I end it with these exercises is the grand finale of torture.  The thought of Radiation coming up easily pushes me onward! hugs, phyllis 05/06/12  www.women70andover.com Day 16 after surgery.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


This is day 15 after surgery. Everyday is alittle better than the day before. I have no tubes of blood hanging from me. I feel free. My chest skin no longer hurts from the touch of my soft cotton shirt against it.  I can tell, it seems my chest muscles have been moved around! My NO BOOB is still tender and has half the amount of stitches.  I almost did my whole big 4 mile walk this a.m. Stopped shy of half mile to the finish..I was surprised I got that far with ease. Tomorrow..and tomorrow. I will give it another try and take a bottle of water with me, which I needed and did not take today. I did start my wall push-ups and my arm stretches above the head and at the hip in the back.   Oncology appointment tomorrow. Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933  please leave a comment. www.women70andover.com

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7/25/12 Progress! Determination! WORK! pr

                                 Drains Out! Half of Stitches Out!

 Ouch! When the two drains came out! The surgeon and nurse took  every other stitch out!  I will go back in a week to have them  completely out!  The speech therapist will be here today!  The visiting nurse will also be here today to check the bandage area that is over the place where the drains were  stitched in!  My job is to continue walking, which I have already  done for fifty minutes this morning.  It is more important now  to walk! This I hope will help my energy level when I begin my -  FIVE week RADIATION PROGRAM…FIVE DAYS A WEEK! An appointment with my oncologist, Richard Weiss will be this Friday, July 27, 2012. You can stay very busy keeping up with this schedule of doctors. Today I will begin my stretches, another challenge! Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933  www.women70andover.com

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7/24/12....Dressed...Fit to KILL! a woman thing!

OK!  My main concern is what to wear that I can hang these blood drain viles in? Now! that is down
pat! When empty them.. I can get them in one pocket of my knit pants that are just below the knee and white! Which choice?  I want one that is shhhh!  NOT! Why hello there! Do you want to talk about my right boob that is still there and you can see?" INSTEAD! My good easy stand-by WALMART! did it again for me! I got a black off the shoulder new jobie, the one where it looks like a sleeve, instead not.  It has a deep front and back scoop neck! And! VOL LA! MAGIC! IT shows off my good shoulders and nice back! BUT! (never start a sentence with And or But, that from the 7th grade Ms English class.) This scoop front and back helps you know when your posture is good!  I must put my elbows back and pretend I feel a tennis ball between my shoulders, drop my head a bit..and watch your tummy so it does NOT pooch out. NOW I AM COOKIN." By the hardest! I must say!Hugs, phyllis can you top this I hope! Send me your comments! 05/06/1933  www.women70andover.com

Monday, July 23, 2012

7/23/12..Medical Progress?? add your comments

When I was 32...a very good year! I had cancer of the thyroid. I got it when I was 12, as I had acne then and the treatment was XRAY'S from the neck up...therefore this group of people who got that treatment...most likely had cancer of the thyroid like me.  The surgeon took the cancer out along with the thyroid and I had a partial radical surgery.  In doing so the nerve to one of the vocal cords  was damaged and the voice affected.  That was 47 years ago. Now at the age of 79, a whizz kid out there in Medical Land , said,  as I whispered my story.  "Say there, Phyllis, you need a speech therapist!"  I looked amazed! Hey, I almost cried in the person's face! Me? get help with my voice?  Sure enough a real speech therapist came over and knew what he was doing. Little did I know if you do these exercises and say words like Ha, He, Ho...that blows wind over the vocal cord area and is help full to your speech.  Of course, you say many more different words prescribed by the speech therapist.  I will not bore you with the details!  I can be helped! Gee! I forgot about the NO BOOB area and healing there for a moment and said, "Ha, He, and Ho, Ho.hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933 come on, comment, p l e a s e! Hit the button. www.women70andover.com

Sunday, July 22, 2012

7/22/12...GET THROUGH THIS ? pr

Part of the reason I started this BLOG was to help myself get through this and help other women who have just learned the have BREAST CANCER.  I was in my surgeon's office the other day and saw a  younger women walk back to one of the exam rooms.  I could tell by her walk, she was scared.  Of course I wanted to hug her and say...."shhhhhhhhhh! Dear, it will be alright". Of course, I did not do that, instead I am writing, which has helped me.  The digging for news and other ways has helped me. It takes so many ingredients and morsels of help. Little did I know in the midst of all of this Bill would have OPEN HEART SURGERY, 4 BY PASSES.  The trails I went through were like real criminal trials on CSI..His 14 inch leg would, where they took the vein out to do rebuild work. His leg that was the size of 3 legs.  His feet that would not fit into his shoes. Other bathroom events that are the wrong color for print.  My help for him. Helping him in the car..praying each block I would not have a wreck..and hurt his wide open chest. Oh! Phyllis STOP! It is over! Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933   please send your comments. You are my support. www.women70andover.com

Saturday, July 21, 2012

7/21/12 WHAT WE NEEDED !!!

GOODNESS!  Sometimes we do not know what we need, till we get it!  Our daughter just left.  She was here for eleven days.   She did so many things! Shopped for us. Put the items away.  Had lovely healthy meals for us, in a flash!  Introduced me to USING Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.  I have those almost in every room.  They are that important. ESPECIALLY, NOW THAT I HAVE THESE BLOOD VILES ATTACHED TO ME. Also, she suggested I use paper plates, and paper cups and glasses.  YES, IT IS BETTER!  I  have these wonderful paper plates, I can put in the microwave.  All of this is a comfort and helps with germs, especially NOW. What was I thinking?  Let's see?  How can I add to my work?  Paper is the way to go..Just toss the crystal out the window.  With some luck I will hit 80 May 2013. I must learn to cut myself some slack and fly right. Throw the china away! Ha!
Our son came in Thursday and leaves Monday!  Lets see what we learn  from  him? Hugs!phyllis 05/06/1933 ..Tell me what hints your son or daughter has given you! and how you have followed it for ease of life! Hit the comment button. Yes! I want to hear from you! www.women70andover.com

Friday, July 20, 2012


This is day 9 since I had my surgery.  I still have the two viles of dripping blood.. I must take the stopper out each drain and pour it into a measured cup and write down what drain 2 goes on which side of the paper and chart this until my appointment on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.  Remember each drain is anchored  in my skin about 8 inches from the pit of my arm.  It goes in my side perhaps four inches . It is then stitched into place. Then you have this long drain that measures from the top of your arm to the ends of your fingertips.. When these drains hand loose, the filled bulbs feel blocks of cement and pull from the anchored part that goes into the body and HURTS. So the object is to always were jeans, which are the best. The reason the fabric is strong and you can put the bulbs in each pocket in the front, if you are lucky.  I say this because if you have a tummy, you cannot do that, that means there is not enough tubing to go over the belly. Next problem, you must empty these blood bulbs two times a day.  That problem being when you take them in and out of a tight pocket the drain stopper area can open by itself and you can drop blood on good white shorts, or the floor when you go to the potty. Next showering and positioning your blood viles.  (I glossed over this in an earlier blog...that was not enough)  If you have a grab bag for safety..you can balance them on that bar, although they slip and slide..and when they drop..they HURT! Also your shower head.  I am lucky we have two shower heads and one is a removable spray..this is one of the most helpful things I have and cherish it. Why? It is comfort.  When I wear nice comfy cotton short or slacks, the blood viles pull the cotton items down..not as baggy as the kids on the street..but you are pulling up your pants...up and down..There is no way to find a comfort zone, but you must and you will..SORT OF!
There is nothing funny about these blood viles.  They do pull and they are something you remember like the baby's head in your belly the day before you delivered!  Send me an email...I will try to get you to a comfort zone..with a quick reply. Mine might come out MAYBE July 24, 2012. I hope against hope? Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933  hit the comment button, want to hear from you... www.women70andover.com    

Thursday, July 19, 2012


This is a wonderful message from our friend and spiritual leader. Let's me feel, warm, safe and well.
Dear Dear Phyllis – May you be Blessed and Blessed with health and happiness with your husband for Years and Years to come!!! With love - Reuven  Hugs, phyllis 05/06/12 please leave your comments... www.women70andover.com

7/19/12 PHOTOS OF ME..3 DAYS after surgery!

This is an experiment to see if I can paste these in here! If they do not show up..excuse me!





The lovely girl by me is my capable beautiful daughter..LAURAN!  I am the big one!

3 Days after left cancer breast mastectomy! Hugs, phyllis   05/06/1933  please hit the comment
button..I need you!   www.women70andover.com  



 My visiting nurse came here four days in a row. This was helpful and needed

After 24 hours of having surgery.  Her name is Judy.  Her skill is the best. I felt

Like I have great care. This will now continue one day a week for a while

 The Social Worker was here yesterday.  Her name is Barbara.  She got the ball

 rolling to see if I can get therapy for my voice, since I only have one working

vocal cord.  It gives out to not even a whisper during

a day’s worth of talking.  Votran (a senior bus service that comes door to

door) is now set up.  This may be help when I begin  radiation.

 Also, Bill will start his six week program at Halifax Hospital in the

Heart Program of exercise and nutrition. SOMEONE to help with housework!

This you pay for.  They get you in touch with someone that will come out for

Just two hours at a time, or more.  She will even go to the grocery. 

The Social Worker told us of grocery stores that delivers.  The Social Worker

Barbara was a big help to tie us into services available for our particular needs.

My old kids feel good about this.  A comfort zone for them when they soon leave.

Hugs, phyllis      here is a link to the video of me on utube 3 days after surgery!


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/18/12 Report from DR. JOSEPH D. BIANCHI

                                Surgery Report: Dr. Joseph D. Bianchi

                     This report is from my surgeon Dr. Bianchi, my Angel. The definite size of the mass was 14 cm.  The remains of the mass after taking the chemo pill, Ameridex 1 mg was

                    14 cm and weighed 698 grams.  There were only two clean lymph nodes taken out and they are CLEAN.  Chest muscles left intact. Clean margins. No Cancer in any organs

                    Or brain. All CLEAN!  DR. Richard C. Weiss is my other Angel.  He is in charge of my meds and went along with all decisions made.  He gets gold stars for putting me on

                   Ameridex 1 mg, which I can tolerate. (Turn on the FAN!) I will start my radiation to be announced.  That will be given my third angel, Dr. Charles D. Hechtman, the PhD

                   Math, Doctor of Medicine and oncology Radiology.  He is a math Mensa Genius..That fine-tunes the radiation.  Just who I want at a time like this!  Without this team of

                   Fine men, with great staff’s at a top-notch hospital as HALIFAX HOSPITAL of Daytona Beach, Fl...Who needs to go anywhere else?  I am most comfortable, pleased. THANK-YOU TO EACH OF YOU.  YOU TURNED ME INTO:

                  A LUCKY DUCK! Hugs, phyllis   05/06/1933  Please push the comment button, waiting to hear from you..  www.women70andover.com



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7/17/12 For those That cannot link the video:

Try this link..here goes.....


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Thank-heavens! Good times, bad times, sick times, sad times, fun times, come and go, all FAST. We work so hard at all of these times, that's why take an extra dose of the FUN TIMES!  My fun times have started with my surgery of July 11, 2012.  I went in a positive mode.  I had worked so hard pre-paring, learning, hard walks, clearing my mind.  Learning how to deal with the cancer.  How to work hard with Bill's Open Heart Surgery.  All the pushing him around in a wheel-chair, then helping with the walker.  Checking what to do about his nausea from the surgery.  Fixing candle light type lunches, with the crystal..and picture perfect dishes, then having him rest..before taking him back to re-hab.  I never knew..I was tired, or that this was a life and death part of our lives. Whewwwwwwww! Duh! Now it all comes back and I know.  So when I had my recent breast surgery, it was like the big part is over.  I can just deal with me. Ha! that shows you my stupid side! Keep on pluggin and grab the fun like I did when I made that silly video on www.women70andover.com  utube. Sometimes I am so tired I flub and put the wrong date..Lets see if I can do it right! Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933 . Please leave your comment, anything would do.  I will feel your comfort and that's what it is all about! or leave your comment at phyllisreh@aol.com

Monday, July 16, 2012

7/16/12...www.women70andover.com utube

Lillian and Richard Bachman called me to say the saw the upload I did on the third day after surgery.. you may see how I look after having surgery just three days earlier.  Sorry about my voice.  It is tired and I have only one working vocal cord due to having cancer of the thyroid when I was 32..I was having the biggest time with my IPAD3 and the video part.  Check it out..waiting for your comments. Hugs, phyllis 05071933   www.women70andover.com  utube    

Sunday, July 15, 2012

7/15/12 A Day Friendships Grow into Meanings pr

There is such a link between my friends and myself.  For this I want to say thanks to each of them. They sparkle. I can see Ann..her eyes light up and she turns her head in agreement, or another look comes on her face..and you know it can rain. Millie is bursting with spices and foods that come out of her kitchen and she bubbles all over you and you always feel good. Bea, is someone you shared dreams with since you were sixteen.Talk is not too necessary. Miriam, you can hear her voice on the phone and the days when you were nine years old together come into place and you feel the comfort of her parents and you can hear them in your mind calling her..."Miriam, get in the car". Mu..my friend of many years, even though you have not heard from her in awhile. You have no doubts she is always on your side. Ellen, the Dear, that you watched go back to school and become a lawyer, so hard it was. To be delighted when she calls. Natalie, someone you I always get comfort from.  Our lives are like peanut butter and jelly.  We understand. Mona, the beauty! The one who gives me strength  to get through any illness, as she has conquered so many hard things. She still sings and dances to the tune of more than 85! To all of you and more, like my friend Peggy who sent me a comment today and said she is a friend cheering me on. Peggy, I could feel it.  That is the whole thing to get comfort poured all over you when you are alone trying to fall asleep. When you know if life gets rough you call call on Esther and Jerry and they will come running even if they trip over their years. Goodness Anna, when you broke your arm and I went over to take over! Mickey had to say....!  I love you all so, thanks for getting me this far..you are in my thoughts.  May good things, like green grass and squirrels in your path to make you smile and flowers along the way be with you, as I surely will be comforting you  all..much love and a hug, phyllis 05/06/1933  send your comments, press the red comment button at the end..or phyllisreh@aol.com  www.women70andover.com    hit the blog button


Day 4 after surgery..My shower! and HAIR WASH! I still have two long drains in me that collect the debree from two lymph nodes.  They are as long as my arm and hand, with a round vile on the end that does the collection of the debree. They must be emptied two times a day..and the amount must be written on a chart with the amount and the date..also...a.m. & p.m. times..So back to the shower. I tried as I had read in my findings...IF you take a long ribbon you can tie up these long viles before getting into the shower..so they do not knock into your body for a good shower. REALITY/ next plan. Do your own thing..The ribbon was a bust!  You need a class in RIBBON . It was easier to manage in the shower without all the bandages and miles of tape.  It was amazing I could put liquid soap on my NO BOOB! Life is full of surprises!  This one was pleasant. I have soft cotton knee pants and long sleeve shirt. All of it feels soft and comfy.  The vials rest in the pockets of my knee pants.  OTHERWISE.. trust me!  They would pull like cement blocks..and YES! I would feel that pull. This living and learning is great..I hope I get it all in before its time to go to NEVER LAND! Lauran continues to go back and forth to the store. I continue to make my wonderful egg plant and baked sweet potatoes. So comforting.  Bill continues to cut up watermelons and eat them first and bag the rest into plastic bags in the refrig. There! we are on schedule.  Even Annie the dog knows when she gets time on the leash.  It was GRAND TO HAVE MY FRIEND MORRISA, here for girl talk.  NOTHING IN THE WORLD IS BETTER THAN A GOOD FRIEND..One that knows the beat of your heart and the turn of your head.  One that pours kindness all over you....thats MORRISA.. hugs, phyllis  05/06/1933  What do you think, alot? send it to phyllisreh@aol.com or push the comment button in red...easier than my vials!     www.women70andover.com

Saturday, July 14, 2012

7/14/12...THRILLED..GEORGEOUS! pr..wonderful!

Did I spell gorgeous right!  I am so happy..I am so pleased..I am thrilled. I am lovely!  Ha! Ha! you might say?  The home health nurse was here and just left and took two long pain drains out of my no BOOB area, for starters! They were  coiled around the once breast area.  The size of them made me say wowwwwww!  They were a bout 6 to 8 inches in length.  Dr. JOSEPH BIANCHI'S stiches are so tidy.  What a positive job of skill he did.  NOOOOOOOOOO!  It  did not hurt one bit when the talented home nurse MS. JUDY MASSEY cut the area..sllllowly...bit by bit.inch by inch...layers by layers..sections and tape by bits of tape.  Bill was at my side.  He has thick bones in his arms and has strong flesh.  It was easy for me to bury my face in this shirt and arm and his thich hands covered my bony, skinny hands and long fingers..I GOT THROUGH IT.  THEN.....I WENT TO LOOK AT MY NO BOOB...It is fabulous...gorgeous..super and wonderful.  For the first time in my life, since I was twelve have I looked like a girl..Well! I do now..and look..no bra..and you can see my lovely shoulders and nice chest for the first time. Gee I never knew I was lovely..I have been busy schelping around these D BOOBS...What a dope I was!  Lucky me! No! it did not hurt! Hugs, phyllis  Baby! if you do not have a comment on this! YOU NEVER WILL!  send to phyllisreh@aol.com   www.women70andover.com  What a day this has been, now for a walk and to thank G-D!


I continue to walk daily..if I was not a walker..I would NEVER HAD GOTTON THIS FAR.  My voice gave out, meaning I had thyroid cancer at 32 and they cut one of the nerves to the vocal cords.
Sooooooooo I am 79...and after trying to say something over and over..the voice stops..and I must rest it..That means also..Bill's hearing is almost STONE DEAF..from his MOM.  I now us a chack board and write the message..so that is our state..right now..Yes he has hearing aids and has been to alot of the "great hearing' doctors..This morning I got a severe bladder infection that dropped to me out of the blue..and it is Saturday.  I called my emergency number for my Urology group..and behold an angel doctor meet us at the office..took a culture..and gave me meds..Had to leave the prescription at the drug store.  Lauran will pick it up..as she runs to the grocery..Did put towels in the wash machine..Bill put them in the dryer..as they are heavy..we ate lunch and I took a pain pill because the nurse will be here in an hour to take the bandage off the NO BOOB  AREA.. and some of the drains out..It is very painful..I will say to her, just rip them out..how long can something hurt? The phone rang, had to stop the blog.  Where was I? or is that where am I?  We are in a calm mode now..Although I must get in bed..so the drains in me, taking the waste from the nodes out, will not gush..just trinkle! Hugs, phyllis leave a comment..don't you think I could use it?  phyllisreh@aol.com  www.women70andover.com    

Friday, July 13, 2012

7/13/12 ..No Place Like Home

Home Sweet Home!  You can say it your way.  I feel like a weight has been taken off me!  Was it my Boob!?  I am done with the regiment of the hospital.  The forms of papers. On the other hand every nurse, every doctor, every section of the hospital was kind caring and REAL!  They were all comforting to me.  My emotional state was:   Positive..lets get the show on the road.  It went fast on schedule.  Kind family and friends were there. I was trying to comfort a lady 45 next to me.  She was going to have a hysterectomy.  I thought to myself.  Gee I had that done at the same age. I blinked and I am 79 and having my breast taken off because it is filled with CANCER.  Instead of sharing that with her I focused on her lovely hair and told her it would go fast and she would be fine. She said she was feeling better..I wanted to give her a hug, but I was teetered to my IV and at that moment I did not want to scare everyone in recovery and jump off the cart to give her a hug.  I just laid there and before I knew it my operation was over.  The doctor was at my side, telling me it went well.  Somehow I got up in a sitting position.  Lauran, my daughter was there and a lovely meal of salmon, broccoli and
baked potato was brought in.  Someone said would you like this.  I thought, why not!
Two days later-- I am now home! Two days out of major surgery, it is 6:07 a.m. I want to take Annie out and see the world come together!  Does it need my help! NOOOOOOOOO, thats all figured out! Hugs, phyllis..send me a comment, press the red button below, or send an email phyllisreh@aol.com      www.women70andover.com    05'06/1933

Thursday, July 12, 2012

7/13/12. Maybe Home or Hospital..Yes? N o..??

This has been fun? Some of it? Difficult YES? Hospital staff came In several times and said the surgeon will be here to sign you out this morning. NO..his associate came in and looked at the red liquid in my drains from the surgery area..and said you will have to stay until these run clear. OK, I can do that. I had just come in from a 30 minute walk around the halls. At the next moment Ann and Gordon appear with their guitar and gifts and flowers and chocolate covered cherries. A second later Millie and Cecil come. Millie looking like a beauty queen..spiffy outfit..They are 92. Then Bill and Lauran, my daughter come. I grabbed my tether pole, with wheels that my IV is connected to. The room was crowded so I said l ets go to the classy seating area with a view of Daytona. We would have good good place for Ann and Gordon to sing stuff like "CRY ME A RIVER". Ann and Gordon are neighbors and good good friends. Then Millie asked for our Han d writing sanple. She reads hand writing. Millie can then tell you abo,it your personality. I chose that moment to schlep my pole with the IV attached to the nurses station to get the needles out,leaving me with a NO BOOB bandage and a pump the size of a cant elope clinging from the injured area delivering a magic potion..that takes the pain away. The nurse kills me pulling the bandages off. Then BAM! Out comes this needle! Another bandage.. I look down and I am bleeding from the NO Boob spot. On my shirt. Another caves in to blood. I asked the nurse.."what's going on".. Nothing. It' going to hit my new shorts. She runs and g ets another bandaid..larger than the one before. Nurse reads me my instructions. I look down and I see bright. Red through all these Bandages. The nurse runs again and comes back with something that looks like a small towel and more tape on the running blood. The wheel chair comes and I am going home. Let me get out of here while the getting is good. in the midst of all this Bill who is STONE DEAF with hearing aids continues not to be able to hear what I say to him..He has been deaf most of his li fe..like his MOM..My voice gives out. I only have. One working vocal cord. this happened when I was 32 and had thyroid cancer..the surgeon cut the nerve to one vocal cord. Now I am 79 and the good cord wants a rest. That's minor. I say to myself get on with it. Lady get in the bed at home and use the chai board Esther and Jerry gave you in March..try communicating with Bill this way..Soooooo That is my day..The bed feels good one day and a half..surgery. hugs, Phyllis 05/06/1933 Come on email me with your comments. HEaven knows I need it. Phyllisreh@aol.com Www.womem70 Andover.com


I will leave the hospital this morning for HOME! My walking here,sinse I am tethered to an IV pole heps me do streaches for my surgery arm and breast site. This adds to my healing. My walk this a.m. Was for 35 minuts keeping that arm up straight and taunt. I also walked in the middle of the night when the woke me for my vitals. U I want to post this as my keyboard is funny this morning .. I cannot see the page as I type. Hugs Phyllis 05/06/1933 leave an email for me telling me to publish it. Phyllisreh @aol.com www,women70andover.com

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7/11/12, salmon for lunch......walking helped ! Pr

No pain! Up for moe than an hour! I can sit up! I can move my arm on surgery side up over my head...no pain! I do have an automatic pain pump in me. I know my walking all those years has helped. Will be able to walk this afternoon....thank the heavens above and dear Reuven..Rabbi lay person...Temple Isreal.. Deland, my hero..great sermons of teaching...AND. The Great RABBI AMY...W HO INSPIRED ME..TAUGHT ME..I am not afraid of NOTHING...AND to my strong parents..And my dear sister ROSE...the y are gone and continue to watch over me! f course the strength from. BILL and my children...WOMEN IS NOT AN ISLAND..we need to cheer one another on! Hey! I have pudding waiting for me! Much love to each of you. Your faith in me has helped so much..Hugs, Phyllis. Sen comments to phyllisreh@aol.com. 05/06/1933. Www.women70andover.com. I cannot correct and edit on my IPAD3 ..please excuse!

7/11/12...Hey! A Lucky Date! and SURGERY Today!

I have never felt more positive!  About  Everyone's decision to have this left breast off. The RADIOISOTOPE and blue dye  is a test I had yesterday was injected with two long needles of blue dye by a Radiology Doctor.  Then I wait for two 1/2 hours till the tie finds its way to my left breast.  Then I am put on this long rolling cart and an XRay square machine comes down close to the top of your chest to take pictures of where the dye is.  this will help determine the stage of  the axillary under arm lymph nodes.  This will be used as a "map of the surgery" to know where to find the "top dog of the lymph nodes" to take out. The RADIOLOGY DOCTOR, STONE, then marks the sight with an X on my breast and also towards the under arm area, another X under the arm all with an arrow..between the two.  Then there is a print out of this chart that I take into the hospital with me this a.m. and it goes to my SURGEON DR. BIANCHI..It was great, in my book, BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR'S FITNESS PLAN by Dr. Kaelin, M.D., MPH  tellsALL ABOUT THIS TEST ON PAGE 42.  I knew every step of the way of this long test.  Every drop you know, gives comfort to you.  Sooooo, I feel good this a.m. I am all packed.  Coffee is on for Bill and Lauran..Just have to put my tooth brush in my packings..I will walk Annie, our dog now and jump in the shower.  Last call for hair wash.  Us ladies want to wash our hair, just like we like a glass of wine..Set it up Sam! Hugs, phyllis   05/06/1933  send comments to  phyllisreh@aol.com                    JACK, thanks for the call..www.women70andover.com    

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7/10/12....HANG WITH ME..! pr

It might take awhile..I will be back like Mc Arthur!  hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933   leave a comment or phyllisreh@aol.com       www.women70andover.com

7/10/12.Drumroll, Camera, Surgery Tomorrow 7/11

It took alot of appointments, xrays, reading, breast support groups. Hearing personal stories of brave women who survived breast cancer.  Their pain, their delving, tricks of finding a natural pill to give them more energy after radiation. Women that go to work during all these processes.  I got my strenght from all the books, diagrams, exercises, Bill's open heart surgery in the midst of all of this.  Seeing people of all sorts work hard at physical therapy.  Seeing the grace of God and going to services, listening to Rabbi's and talks about how people get from one square to another.  Remembering when I was five years old and playing with some puppies at a neighbor's house.  My Mom yelled it was time to come home.  I opened the door and found our kitchen table pulled up to the sink.  My Mom told me to climb up and lay down.  I did.  A man was there he was a doctor.  I was about to have my tonsils out!  My Dad was scared for me to have it done, so my Mom made all these arrangements to have it done at home, while my Dad was at work.  I was scared, but I did what was best and what I was told!  When I got up they gave me ice cream and a baby doll in an incubator.!  I was in Heaven!  Now I still do what I am suppose to after reading and learning about my 11 cm Cancer..it must come out left breast and all.  I will go into a healing mode and be able to take my walks, do funny things like eat my veggies, laugh with Bill.  We will look at each other and say...How in the world did we get this far and be so old?  Breast Cancer and Open Heart Surgery 4 by-passes/  Learning to walk all over again.  We must NEVER STOP LEARNING..We have ingredients and love in us from our pasts.  We are gems with the support of family and friends.  Bring on the veggie soup!  Here I come and don't forget the ice cream! Cheers! Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933   please send comments to phyllisreh@aol.com   or click the red comment button below   www.women70andover.com  

Monday, July 9, 2012

7/9/12... Lots to Do! pr

When you are a medical "specimen", everyone wants another test!  Also! everyone wants to put their two cents in.  They are all skilled and from my side.  I listen, learn and mull through it.  I look up what they say.  I review my Breast MRI'S.  Also I listen to people that have had this done.  It has been very helpful for me to get on UTUBE.  You will have to close your eyes sometimes as the video's are very graphic.  On the other hand people that have had mastectomy's will tell you real facts of tips of how they got this far.  Not all of it is "hear-say".  My readings have given me knowledge.  So far this has all helped.  I hope in the process I have helped other people in some way.  If it is not Breast Cancer, perhaps it will be something else that will hit you, when you least expect it.  I hope you will be one of the few that gets through your life, without a scratch.  Time for a Hug! phyllis  05/06/1933   send comments to phyllisreh@aol.com  or hit the red comment button below.   www.women70andover.com 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

7/8/12.....What's Your Foundation Done? pr

What does a title like that mean?  What's Your Foundation Done?  For me it means I hope all those veggies and exercises continue to  help me. I know my glutes and walking are healing me!  I know they are!  My breast is invaded with cancer.  Had I not done all of the above for so much of my life I might have been knocked down by the big wave of cancer that wanted to knock me over. I can hear you saying, I do not have cancer, why would I want to read those books?  Because you are valuable! And! never start a sentence with Because!  I will give you the names of  two books, with the encouragement to please get them at the library and read them.  We protect our cars with spare tires, we get insurance for floods in our homes..but what do you know and do about building a foundation for your health and your muscles to protect you from the health storms that might come your way?  The book THE BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR'S FITNESS PLAN by Carolyn M. Kaelin, MD. MPH she is the Director, Comprehensive Breast Health Center, Brigham and Women's Hospital. It is an eye opener book, easy to read and lots to learn about those BOOBS hanging out in your bra.  The BOOBS that will never let you down! Keep your body strong.  If so, you will be more able to withstand the harshness of the storms of ill health, that come to all of us.  Right now, it's my time.  Tomorrow.....???? where will those storms go?  Women must help each other.  This book  gives you pages of exercises you can do without having BREAST CANCER.  PROTECT YOURSELF before! If you do NOTHING ELSE...learn about your PECTORALIS major muscles...keep them strong...at all times!  The other book is FORKS OVER KNIVES, edited by Gene Stone. You can also get this from Netflex.  It is a documentary.  I have mentioned these books before in my writings.  Perhaps I am turning into our MOM'S, who used to say to us everyday of our childhood, "Did you finish your milk"?  I always thought, "Yuk, I hate milk".  Now we must try and take better care of ourselves, you are all so valuable and dear! Now back to my reading!  Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933..thanks for the comments I have been getting.  They are so helpful!  phyllisreh@aol.com

Saturday, July 7, 2012

7/7/12 MORE TO LEARN! duh! it never stops pr

Good Morning!  Bill is walking Annie this a.m. That shows you two of us are on the ball and the other one me is bringing up the rear.  We learned alot at Dr. Richard Weiss's office yesterday.  What I learned in the waiting room was major!.  A lovely lady was there and looked familiar.  I asked if  I could talk with her and her husband, both she and I felt we knew each other from Breast Support meetings.  She had breast cancer since 2003 and had taken so much Chemo her hip bone on one side was deteriorating and she will need a hip replacement so she will not need a walker and her driving will continue. I could not believe this and was surprised!   The cancer had spread to other areas.  They were both so brave, so kind, so caring.  I wanted to just say...let me take care of you.  I do not know what I would do for you..but be there to help in someway.  Lets get through this.  When I learned she was 59.  I said I have a daughter just two years younger and I fell silent.  This meeting has regrouped me, with the thoughts, we all must do more to understand this disease and stoomp our feet and help, until then go to Breast Support Meetings, if you have cancer or not and give a hug, that is universal and helps, hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933  send your comments to phyllisreh@aol.com     www.women70andover

Friday, July 6, 2012

7/06/12 Bill

I am the one who just had a heart bypass. I am doing fine and improving from the ordeal day by day.

More later.   Bill

7/6/12...Waiting for the Docter! He is Busy!

Here I sit with Bill in the lobby of the CANCER CENTER. Our wait has been from 10:30 a.m. We did go out for lunch! OH! I got thr PISTACHIOS NUTS! HA! HA! I did something with my time..I almost learned how to spell...PISTACHIOS!! I have read all the magazines. Bill was bored in the car waiting for me! He is now sitting next to me. Thank heavens I have the IPAD! Gee! My MOM would not believe this, if she were here! Funny things you are driven to think of in doctor's waiting rooms! No spell checker on this IPAD..it was probably on the next model up! $$$$$ Hugs! Phyllis..now is the time for you to send me a comment...here in this waiting room! Phyllisre@aol.com. 05/06/1933. Www.women70andover.com. This IPAD will not write the www.women70andover.com I made it work! Sorry I cannot go back and do corrections, that's the breaks in this waiting room!

7/6/12...ENERGY! and MORE! pr

It is 7:30 a.m. I walked Annie. Then took my one hour walk, did my exercises. weeded the garden.  This is trash day.  Took the garbage out. Then gave Annie a bath.  I must say I am yuckky at this point.  After I write this I will shower and get ready for my doctor appointment at 11:30 a.m. That is with my oncologist  Dr. Richard Weiss.  Will stop and get his paschio nuts, he loves them.  I like roasted peanuts in the shell. It takes a long time to crack them, so you do not eat too many that way.  Yes! I get them with no salt. I share them with our squirrels.  Bill is taking his walk.  The wash machine is rocking and the dryer is going!  In the midst of all these thoughts is my MASS, that thought is always with me. If you stretch you index finger straight out and put your thumb back as far as it can go, that is about 11 cm, the size my MASS was in length..and width.  NOW do that again and make the index finger and the thumb in the direction of the floor, not  touching each other and that is the size of the MASS NOW..AMAZING!  with everyone's prayer's and the help of GOD and the heavens above I am this far in the progress of healing.  A LUCKY DUCK FOR SURE! Hugs, phyllis   05/06/1933   phyllisreh@aol.com            ah! come on leave a comment!   cannot correct the nut word, oh! look! I almost made it right!.    www.women70andover.com

Thursday, July 5, 2012

7/5/12 Beautiful Morning! Exersice and Walk! pr

My push-ups, leg raises, belly and but raises and chair squats are done, till the next time today!  My walk was at the perfect time for me.  It started at 5 a.m.-till 6 a.m. Then came home and walked Annie, our Kind Charles doggie.  Then I got Bill up.  It is almost cruel, but I must.  I turn the fan on full force and the lights on.  On the gentle side he was up awake for 45 minutes!  That's one of my wife chores..keep him alive!  After Open Heart Surgery 4 by passes..I want to keep him on this side of the heavens with me! Found another slant on exercises.  It is my theme, perhaps told more clearly.

Stay Flexible. Maintaining your flexibility, particularly in your hips, sustains your ability to move. You can stretch your hips daily by leaning forward towards your kitchen counter (usually a perfect height for this stretch) with your legs straddled a stride's distance apart. Hold for 30 seconds as you feel the stretch spread up the back of your leg into your hip. Repeat to other side.
Improve Balance. Balance is a bigger component of walking than most people realize; it's what keeps you from stumbling or tripping over your feet. For a simple daily challenge, stand on one leg while you brush your teeth. Start by hanging onto the sink with your extra hand, progress to no hands, and then to doing it with your eyes closed.
Build Endurance and Strength. As you rack up birthdays, endurance and power can diminish unless you focus on maintaining them. One way to keep up stamina is to do the very activity you are trying to preserve: Walking. This is also likely to strengthen the walking muscles too. You can mix this with lower impact endurance activities like riding a stationary bike or water exercise.
Care for Your Feet. Taking good care of your feet will ensure they remain in walk-worthy condition. Wear comfortable shoes, maintain good hygiene and visit a podiatrist periodically for a foot checkup. One easy daily foot strengthening exercise involves placing a small towel under your bare foot and scrunching it up and straightening it out with your toes. Repeat three to five times with each foot.
Lose Weight. Carrying excess weight strains your body, especially your knees, which can slow you down and prevent you from being more active. Watch your diet and do what you can to burn calories. Even a 5 percent reduction in weight can make a tremendous difference in your mobility. Hugs, phyllis  05/06/1933   please hit the red comment button or send me an email..let hear how you are doing..SHARE! THANK!  phyllisreh@aol.com     www.women70andover.com

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7/4/12..LAZY AND FUN DAY!...maybe I'll bake? pr.

Happy 4th to you!  We are slowly getting into gear! I am going to share some of my own quotes from 2011.  The trappings of the mind! 
My Own Quotes…October 16, 2011…Phyllis Rehmar  05/06/1933

Too naive to think of failure..

Head on with the wind is how I arrived!

Walk and you leave bad thoughts behind.

Walk and nature becomes your best friend.

Creatures do not speak your languages and they never talk back!

Quiet gives you peace of mind.

Challenge lets you try one more time.

Friends are the band-aids on your wounds.

Music keeps time with your heart.

Sleep refreshes your thoughts and gives you time to dream.

Is touching better than a kiss?

Someone’s handwriting is as good as a visit with them.

Quiet is healing.

Come sit by me and warm my soul.

Be my friend…tell me a story..hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933  
www.women70andover.com   hit the blog button ...right now please leave your comments..thats the red comment word at the end of this blog! thanks!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


IF you are over 70 you remember Fiber McGee and Mollie?  He would open the closet door and everything would jump out and we would all laugh!  Then we would say, "Taint funny McGee!"  We were out last night and meet a lovely couple.  In many ways a reflection of us.  Except!  She begins physical therapy today.  She broke her back.  She was on a small kitchen ladder.  This lovely lady told me her husband recently had a stroke.  These are all the things we all shudder about.  Spoke with another dear friend and she fell as she was putting on her bathing suit.  Her legs, just went out from under her.  We are what people write about, vulnerable.  We are: it happens fast!  We are bam!  We are ouch!  Except, now in real life, we say,  "Taint funny McGee!"  I must,  Bill must and you must exercises those glutes and walk.  When you do walk, look at your feet and see if they are straight, if not reposition your self!  Straighten up and fly right!  Try walking a straight line in your house, perhaps following the tile line.  That will check your balance and let you know how your glutes are getting along!  Also my other trick is when I am working in the kitchen, I put my finger tips  of one hand on the counter: and put the leg away from the counter in a bent position in back of me, then bring it forward..Dangle this leg front and back and from side to side.  This will also tell you how your balance is and how those famous glutes are doing!  Gee!  I am sure in many ways I am as funny as Fiber McGee..or would I be Mollie? Hugs, phyllis   05/06/1933   Please leave your comments, tell me about your balance level..or how you do this and that! Hit the red comment word, instead of me!   www.women70andover.com  

Monday, July 2, 2012


The more you know, the more it will help you or someone else!  For me, my Ameridex 1 mg is working to take the estrogen out of my body, so my MASS will not have estrogen to feed on and get large.  This does not work for all types of BREAST CANCER.  Another helpful drug is:
aromacin ..Always refer to your DOCTOR FIRST!  HE KNOWS BEST!


Take Aromasin once a day with a meal. Try to take it at the same time each day, to maintain the drug at an even level in your system. If you miss a dose, don’t double up, just wait till the next day and resume your medication schedule. Do not take this drug if you are still having menstrual periods, or are pregnant. Ask your doctor if this drug will conflict with any other medications that you take regularly.

How Aromasin Works:

Many breast tumors are fueled by estrogen. Aromasin and tamoxifen are drugs that target estrogen, but work by different methods. Before menopause, your ovaries produce most of your estrogen. After menopause, the ovaries stop making estrogen, but your breast and fatty tissues use the enzyme aromatase to continue making this hormone. Aromasin blocks aromatase, preventing estrogen production and lowering your hormone levels up to 98 percent. If breast cancer cells are present in your system, they have much less chance to grow if they can’t get any estrogen.

Common Side Effects:

Aromasin may cause these side effects:
  • hot flashes
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • joint pain
  • insomnia
  • increased perspiration
Less common side effects (under five percent):
  • osteoporosis (bone thinning)
  • nausea
  • increased appetite
  • chest pain or discomfort
  • heart failure


The temporary side effects of Aromasin are much more tolerable when you know that your risk of recurrence is greatly reduced. Women who switched to Aromasin after two or three years of tamoxifen had significantly lower risk of recurrence that those who took a full five years of tamoxifen. In addition, with Aromasin your risk of a new cancer in the opposite breast is less than with tamoxifen alone.

Pfizer Oncology. Our Cancer Products, Aromasin® (exemestane tablets). Aromasin®

Aromasin.com. About Aromasin. About Aromasin
NEVER STOP MEDICAL DIGGING! Hugs, phyllis   05/06/1933   Hit the comment button below.     www.women70andover.com

Sunday, July 1, 2012


What a good time to start on  July 1, 2012  health  goals you can complete!  Walking, excercises, the Basic Chair Squat, directions below.  What fun and laughs to perhaps change your eating plan, by putting color on your plate!  When you go the grocery store start your shopping in the produce department!  You do not even need receipes!  Get a large pan and wrap each color of veggie in tin foil with alittle of water and bake on 400 for 30 minutes!  You will get the sweet flavor of the veggie.  I laugh at myself all the time!  The last time was just the other day when a granddaughter came to visit us and I made a meal for them.  We had Organic Romaine Hearts filled with a small spoon of humus and topped off with red Kidney beans and white Garanzo Chick Peas, mixed with All Natural Mild Chunky Salsa.  The eleven year old was such a good sport of slushing them around on her plate.  They never dissapeared, but the conversation got started of eating foods with many colors.  Our meal did not go all down when I served the veggie chili and the Sprouted Grain Pasta.  On the box it says," The Next Level of Whole Grains".  They are a brown pasta.  A real turn off to someone eleven!  Also maybe you!  We all had more laughs!  Bill and I enjoyed our meal!  Our guests were kind and not rushing back here for their next warfare meal!  Tell me what are your favorite foods..and how does your belly get through the day?!  I bet I will learn alot!  Heaven knows I need to do that!  Hit the comment button at the bottom of this blog. Hugs, phyllis... 05/06/1933...   www.women70andover.com     hit the blog button.