Thursday, May 31, 2012

5/31/12...Bill is almost like NEW!

REAL LIFE GETS IN THE WAY!  What does that mean? Went to see Bill this morning..he was just fine getting his physical therapy.  It was great because they had him throw his clog shoes in the garbage.  This was major good! I went there with his good walking shoes he should wear ..when you really want to make walking progress  you need good walking shoes!  Now to address the first sentence!  This was the day I had someone out to the house, that could check our smoke alarms. Also he put up this wonderful bar on the garage wall that holds brooms, mops, ect.  It is so great!  Some women want diamonds. I wanted a broom holder.  It even holds shovel's and stuff with handles that fall down on your feet.  Then he took everything out of our hall pantry..I am in the process of organizing and putting everything back. Then for his grand finale, he wiped down all the fans.  This is stuff that real people have to do !  That's how REAL LIFE GETS IN THE WAY! Hugs, phyllis

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/30/12...Time is NOT HELPING ME!

Yesterday..time evaporated! ..My blog writing had to wait and in doing so ...never happened.  Bill and I had lunch out.  He is doing better.  This is an interim time..of waiting for doctor's appointments to come up.  As Bill will get out of rehab after he sees his surgeon on June 12...of course his time is used well with his therapy and breathing machine.  I did unexpectedly see the film yesterday with Ann and Gordon with Judi Dench. MARIGOLD HOTEL.  It was so well done in every way.  I do recommend it, and also any film with Judi Dench! Hugs. phyllis

Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28/12 Bill Done with his Antiboatic! Good!

Bill had a difficult siege with his Antibiotic.  After two weeks of it.  The doctor finally took him off it.  You just do not SNAP! BACK! BAM!  On the other hand he is getting his appetite back.. We had lunch today at BOB EVANS...he was able to find some small thing he could eat. Also it is hard to come to terms with a new eating plan..From ...pulled steamed veggies, type of difference.  I am lucky..I can eat bowl of cereal for life..and I love raw OKRA!..that would make any one else  @#%*)%$#..for sure../Yesterday I was all tangled up in trying to get him comfortable..Today is a different day!  I often say to myself, "Isn't it good I am not having my double mastectomy today"!  Timing is everything! Did OBAMA! SAY THAT? Ha! I could not resist. Gee, it's time I grow up! Hugs, phyllis 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

5/27/12 ..MUSIC FOR HEALING..I will be there...

Hello there..what a different mixture of times I have had.  From the ups to the lows.  What do I mean by that!  The Sulfur meds Bill was taking ..were horrible for his stomach.  He felt full and nauseated.  That meant he could only eat a mouthful of this or that.  The doctor took him off of the Sulfur today.  Until that happened, it was plain HELL. That meant if he hurt..I hurt.  That brings me to the topic of MUSIC FOR HEALING, which I will go to this Wednesday. 

Last evening at 5 p.m. Ann Marwick and her husband Gordon Russell asked if I would join them as they were rehearsing for some of their gigs.  Ann sings music of the 30's on up and Gordon plays the guitar.  It was lovely to hear.  So very relaxing for me.  So healing.  It was good for every part of me.  They continue to be so kind to both of us.  They just live footsteps  through our joined gardens.  We are so lucky.  Then we went to dinner together.  One I will never forget.  The kind of dinner, you just drink in the good conversation, with good friends, that are like family and simply enjoy.  It was wonderful.  They gave me the flyer I have posted..I look forward to going to this healing event.  I know many of you are far, far away and cannot go..I will enjoy it for you!

I took Bill some Marconi and cheese from WENDY'S.  That along with the stopping of his Sulfur meds seemed to turn the corner for him..What a relief for both of us.  When he feels badly ..I feel badly.  After he perked up a bit..I asked him if he would like to go home for a few hours and he said yes.  So off we went and he took a very needed nap in his own bed.  He looks very perky now and is up on his computer.  Annie, our dog is snoring and all is at peace with the world again. Hugs, phyllis  The top cartoon is one of mine from my TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE SERIES.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Bill has one more week to be on Antibiotics.  For him they make his stomach upset.  A yucky feeling.  You must have had it?  They have him on Aphsodophsys..(who can spell that!)  I got him some plain yogurt.  He is home now and he ate a good lunch.  Salmon, fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms, sweet red peppers, fresh butternut squash, fresh carrots, fresh blueberries and some strawberry ice cream.  Gee! as I write it..that was alot.  Oh! his yogurt.  He ate much better here.  Of course, I prompted him!  Guess the tables will turn when I have my surgery in July and I go through the Antibiotic routine.  Oh! The tables do turn in life!  Sometimes it gets lonely writing this blog..hit the red comment button and put your two cents or more in...other wise it's like the tree in the forest that fell..did anyone hear it!?  Hugs, phyllis

Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25/12 ..Check Your Breast..NOT ENOUGH!

Sure! I check my breasts!  You might answer!  Not ENOUGH!  What do I mean by that? First notice if the nipples are going in the same direction.  Are they the same size and color?  Do you have any ripples that you could pass off for fat?  Do you have any slight mild red color in your breast?  Take a mirror and look under your breasts.  What's going on?  Have your breast changed in softness?  Do you feel anything hard?  Are there any pimples on your breasts?  If you answer YES to any of these questions..go for a MAMOGRAM.  The best news you will hear is there is nothing wrong!  On the other hand..they might detect something..  if so you are QUITE LUCKY! Hugs..phyllis

Thursday, May 24, 2012

5/24/12... Do You Lose Good Friends?

Friends are special.  Some have sweet smiles, others are always kind.  Then there are friends that are funny.  Some have blonde hair that shines.  My friend Marian Kohen had all these traits and more.  I felt like a railroad train hit me in the face when I heard she died, while doing her nightly walk with her husband, Dr. Michael Kohen.  He revived her and then I understand she died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  Her funeral yesterday made me confirm what I already knew, she was A Women of Valor.  Then her daughter spoke of her kindnesses and dearness.  All of this reminded me again my thoughts of Marian are so real.  Her memories will live on with me and I will feel like she is by my side.  She also was a breast cancer survivor...but more than that she was a Mother, Wife and Grandmother and a Friend.. hugs..phyllis

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12...We do a Countdown! Difficult..

Bill is doing well with his therapy.  He must wait twenty more days until he will see his heart surgeon who will take the  MANY STAPLES out of his leg.  Much more healing will go on for him..On May 25, 2012 it will be one month that he had his surgery.  That is really a short time for so many good things to have happened for Bill. Hugs..phyllis

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Murphy's Law:  "If it can happen...IT WILL"..So many components we must watch and DO FOR HEALTH SAKE!  More important..for our own self.  The most important: Fruits, Veggies and Grains..if they do not have this at a fast food drive-in..get out of the car and go to the produce department..start there, if you have just a drop more time..go to the cereal isle and get a box of Kashi. Which one?  GO LEAN/13 POTEIN/10 FIBER/1 LOW FAT. Learn these numbers like your SS#. Choose a time to WALK..I am about to push the publish button and walk..

·         National Heart, Lung, and Blood Instituteyifestyle Change

·        sThe same amount of energy IN and energy OUT over time = weight stays the same (energy balance)

·        More energy IN than OUT over time = weight gain

·        More energy OUT than IN over time = weight loss ..Hope you will read the rest..below..hugs..phyllis

Maintain a healthy weight.

Do physical activity for 30 minutes most

days of the week.

Eat a diet high in fresh fruits and

lowfat dairy products with reduced

saturated and total fat.

Choose foods that are lower in salt and

other forms of sodium. Read food labels.

If you drink alcohol, have no more

than one drink a day for women, two

drinks a day for men.

Remember to take your blood pressure


Doctor’s Name:

Doctor’s Address:

Doctor’s Telephone Number:

My Blood

Pressure Diary

Lifestyle Changes

To Help Reduce High

Blood Pressure

Talk with your doctor about the lifestyle

changes that are appropriate for you. Check

off the lifestyle changes you are going to use

to help lower your blood pressure.

Carry This Card To Help

Prevent or Control High

Blood Pressure

My Blood Pressure Goal:


National Institutes of Health

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/20/12 Computer malfunction! 3 Blogs same day!

Kinda funny..the first blog on the 20th had a delayed reaction and would not publish..then wrote again.  Now all three published!  So there...this is only a machine! Hugs..phyllis

5/20/12 Another lovely day together over lunch...

It was a beautiful sunny day.  I picked Bill up and lunch was on the table when we got home.  We lingered over lunch..and worked on the computer together..Before we knew it the afternoon was gone..

5/20/12..Always good to spend time with Bill

We had a nice day..over lunch...and doing normal computer stuff together...enjoying the beautiful weather..Just lingering together..Hugs..phyllis

Saturday, May 19, 2012

5/19/12..Bill not really HUNGER!..

Bill is now taking an afternoon nap in our bed...said the Mama Bear!  That makes me feel good.  Annie, our dog, is on her towel by the foot of the bed snoring, through all this I am on the computer, eating a dark piece of chocolate a special friend brought me.  All is good with the world.  Bill had a tiring morning.  He had two physical therapy sessions back to back.  He also took his first shower.  Then I picked him up.  He was waiting for me!  So here I am between snores. Hugs, phyllis

Friday, May 18, 2012

5/18/12 ..Picked Bill up..Went out for dinner!

Life is alittle brighter today!  Bill is home at this moment.  We went out for an early dinner and took a ride..then came home for a bit..Even Annie our dog is happy. We are a family for a few moments!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/17/12...Bill improving....

Saw Bill today...another doctor appointment..and lunch out.  We are both tired..We were together a few hours..I dropped him off came home and did some chores...hugs.phyllis

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/16/12...Bill's leg infection...still there..

We must give his leg time to heal..When you have a wound from the ankle to mid-thigh...Many things
come into play..You want the person to walk..You want the person to keep the leg elevated above the shoulder..How do you do both?  That's the balance we are working hard to achieve..Another nice day at home for lunch..As nice as it is time consuming..I picked Bill up at 11 a.m. and brought him back to the rehab center at almost 5 p.m. so I must say I too am tired! Hugs, phyllis

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15/12...Bill's Leg Infection..Dr. Visit Good!

We went to the Heart Surgeon 9 a.m. He took some of the staples out. Our next appointment is in three weeks to have the rest of the staples taken out of the leg.  He had an infection when he left the hospital in his leg..and has been on antibiotic ever since.  It is a tricky balance getting the fluid out..It seems the body is smarter than anyone, as he has been getting rid of his fluid, which swells the leg, even
through his heels..there will be a big puddle of water when he puts his feet on the floor for any length of time.  He must keep his leg elevated part of the day. Sounds easy?  It is tricky as he must go to physical
therapy two times a day also.  Never mind, we enjoyed our time together from 8 a.m. when I picked him up until 1 p.m. when I checked him back in the rehab center. I fixed him a good lunch and we ate together.  Then I went to the green grocery..and I will fix some of his favorites for lunch tomorrow.  All veggies...remember?  How are you coming along with your new food plan?  Remember all the meds they give the cows and chickens..before you take your first bite!  Hugs, phyllis

Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14/12..Bill is Stronger! My Flashes are Hotter!

Bill is getting his legs in and out of the car easier..I do not mean he just swings them in! NO! I am pleased for him..he does have strong legs.  Tomorrow he gets his staples out.  We both enjoyed lunch together at home today..I hope I can get to sleep.  Right now, it does not seem too hopeful.  I did fall asleep earlier.  I was so tired, but them woke.  My hot flash is getting hotter.  It seems the daily pill I take to shrink the MASS takes the estrogen out of my body..heating up the flashes, that turn into sweats! Just writing about it would keep everyone up!  I must pick Bill up at 8 a.m. and take him to the doctor.  The appointment is at 9 a.m. Thank-heaven for our GPS, as I have never been to this doctor's office. Hugs, and I hope good-night! phyllis  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

5/13/12 Bill can now get his legs in the car EASIER!

Therapy two times a day is making Bill more mobile! We had an easier time today as Bill got in the car via the wheel-chair and walker and body manipulating. We had lunch at home today unexpectedly, as the Gala lunch they served at the rehab..was so filled with salt we could not eat it after one bite.  Instead I had made the salads of salads..grated beans, green onions, sweet red peppers,sweet California seedless oranges,  black beans, sugar free sliced peaches all mixed with cilantro and lime juice and sweet and low. ..we enjoyed lunch together, visited, played with Annie, the dog..and  a few hours passed and we drove back to the rehab center.  ..Hugs, phyllis

Saturday, May 12, 2012

5/12/12...We got out today the car!

Bill is getting there everyday.  He is more positive with the results from the physical therapy department.  He must be getting better because each time we go out in the car he is more pleased about it..He is raring to go!  Happy Mother's Day to all the MOTHERS OUT THERE..from Bill and me!

Friday, May 11, 2012

5/11/12..Wake with ENERGY @ 4:30 A.M.!!

What a difference when you wake up and your body says, "Lets Go!" Took Annie for her a.m. walk.
Then my turn! Gee! there is something special about walking at 5 a.m. The moon is out. The air is cool. The birds are singing!  You feel invigorated! All is well with the world.  Bill is on the mend.  I am now settling down to a pleasant week-end.  The rehab center is having a special Mother's Day lunch.  A party is in the air.  Bill got a haircut.  Life is looking up.  Have a good week-end! Hugs, phyllis

Thursday, May 10, 2012

5/10/12..... Bill's phone number is=

Bill is doing well with his therapy..and continues to be busy every minute of the day.  He had a haircut
and beard trim today at the rehab center..I am sure that felt good!  If you would like to call him and perhaps catch him in his room..the number is 386 2576362..Just ask for room 163 A...remember he might not have his hearing aids in...on the other hand I am now able to talk with him on the phone..if
he is not in a deep sleep.  Best times for call would be 6 to 7 p.m. He would enjoy hearing from you..If
he does not know who you are..that means he cannot hear you! Hugs..phyllis

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9/12....Dr. Jamindar="Bill you are doing good"!!!!!!

Those were good words to hear, after a two hour wait this morning!  It was a "schlep" getting Bill to the doctor.  First getting him in the car. Then running his wheel chair back to his room. Parking under the canopy of the doctor's building..getting another wheel chair out of the trunk..then finding a parking space in a crowded large car filled parking lot. Whoa!  Then up the do our two hour wait to see the doctor.  And! do it all over again in reverse! When we returned to the rehab,  lunch was waiting for Bill and so were his physical therapy appointments..In the midst of all of this I meet with my surgeon yesterday and it seems my breast MASS  is continuing to get smaller..I will see him in that is good.  I must say I am tired.  Even though it is almost 5 p.m. I will try and take a nap..Hugs, phyllis

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/8/12..Bill was HOME! FOR..1 1/2 hours=lunch

We sat down for lunch in the dining room at the rehab center.  I looked at Bill and said, "How would you like to go home for lunch and watch the film, FORK over KNIFE"?  SURE! he replied!..I was so
encouraged! I had just picked Bill up from therapy and they had just taught him how to use the walker to  get in and out of the front seat of our car.  I ran to the nurse's station and got permission and then permission from therapy..I pulled the car up under the canopy ..then went back in to get him and wheel him to the car..and got the walker out of the trunk..and he was able to go through the hard maneuver of getting in the car.  I got his large red heart pillow that he must hold to his chest..for when he coughs, ect.and off we went.  Got home..found the fold up wheel-chair in his him into the house.  Quickly put the veggie no salt soup on a friend had brought me...made a fruit salad and thin toasted bagel slice, (wheat!)..and set him up with a special tray..and he watched the film and learned alot..ate and I  whisk him back to the rehab center for a nap before his four 4 p.m. physical therapy..he was tired and I was tired too!  What a rush...we both made possible..NO! we do not want to do that again,.for a
long was a happy effort! MORRISA..THANKS FOR THE SOUP IT WAS GREAT! hugs, phyllis

Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7/12 Bill needs a REST!

Bill gets breakfast and showers in the a.m and gets dressed. That in itself is a whole big time consuming ordeal.  Then about 10-10:30 a.m. they come and get him for an hour of therapy. After that he somehow eats his lunch at 12 noon...and is again tired from the complete ordeal so he goes to sleep and gets up about 3:30 to catch the afternoon therapy..and then dinner at 5 pm..and so the day goes.  No! he does not catch up on his sleep.  The doctor told us he would be like this for at least three months.  Alot of sleep is needed for his healing.  It is a hard difficult journey.  Something new every day.  This week he has to learn how to sit in the backseat of the car, so we can go to the doctor for his appointments.  That  means and extra cushion to make it easier to get in the car to sit on. He cannot sit in the front seat because of the airbags were to go would impair his chest surgery. Hugs..phyllis

Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6/12...Bill can put on his PANTS!.....

Bill has learned how to put on his pants again!  What does that mean?  Ocupational therapy is working!
After OPEN HEART SURGERY, you must learn how to rebend..and use tools.  They have Bill a tool that is a metal grabber.  It is a little shorter than your arm and you click it..and it can pick up his pants that positions them to step into.....He is also able to grab things off his night stand..He is enjoying the spices and the product NO SALT, that I put together for him in a clear plastic zippered bag..he takes that to the dining room and jazzes up his meals.  He does very well with his eating, as they give him a "baby cup" of soup first, not like the kind at home, that gets you FAT!..then the salad lady comes around and puts a world of fresh veggies in his small bowl..then the main course..During the meal he gets coffee and sugar free lemonade..He feels full and well leave. NO ROLLS!   He is off deserts..and we leave the dining room.  Instead he has fresh fruit in his room, on the other hand!  He is full! They change his leg bandage four times a day.  That surgery went from his ankle to mid thigh..What a chore and skill that is.   We are both pleased of his progress. ..hugs..phyllis

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5/5/12...FORKS OVER KNIVES=Bill's New ...LIFE!

FORKS OVER KNIVES a documentary you can see on NETFLEX=worth the effort..better than a doctor's visit.  It involves two doctors, one from the Cleveland Clinic and the other a professor doctor from Cornell. The outcome is a Plant Based Life Style...if you want to get to the next square before OPEN HEART SURGERY  and after OPEN HEART SURGERY. It includes fruits, veggies and grains..NO SALT, SUGAR or WHITE FLOUR..and do not forget no MEAT or FISH and ..YES! EIGHT GLASSES OF WATER A DAY. Bill has resigned himself to this and is doing well with it.  On the other hand, the rehab center has to be monitored by me.  What does that mean? I have gone over this with the dietitian..and he has a framework..he must work I have to send pulled pork sandwiches and tator tots back to the kitchen..and then out come the vegetables. You must check everything!  That includes his weight two times a day, because after surgery of OPEN HEART you can retain water of as much as fifteen pounds, which Bill did, so you cut and balance your food intake!  Simple? NO! A new learning experience that has no substitute. I am lucky..I love grainy cereal and fruit with soy milk and can eat it for all my meals daily, never getting bored! Bill used to laugh...what do they say about that? Now's your turn! Bill I love you are doing GREAT! Hugs..phyllis

Thursday, May 3, 2012

5/3/12...Bill and I enjoyed lunch together today!

Bill continues to do better each day.  They changed the long surgery bandage on his leg, where they took the vein out for the replacements in the heart.  They are very good about changing this very long bandage from his ankle to mid-thigh..He never complains.  Bill went to occupational therapy this morning..and they tought him how to put on his shirt, so he does not strain his chest.  Lots of stuff to learn we all take for granite.  After lunch he had his breathing machine therapy, which takes vapors to his lungs. BAM! There we are in the afternoon..with almost all of the day gone.  I left him..with his saying he hoped to get a nap before his next therapy..I  am going to take my nap, before I go back to see Bill. Hugs..phyllis

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5/2/12 ..Bill is Better..I have no TIME!

Bill is getting better. He was moved from the hospital to Health Center of Daytona Beach on April 30, 2012.  It is quite a settling in period. Yesterday we had a medical van take us to the Urologist to take
out the tube.  Bill was so happy to get that tube out of him, as it was painful. He got his evaluation from the physical therapist and a schedule is now in place for his sessions two times a day.  He also saw the occupational therapist and she also evaluated him.  Bill meets with her two times a day.  So between all that, the day is gone..I am there from 8 a.m. till about 5 p.m. This morning is the first time in a week I was able to go to our mailbox.  Just time..I barely have time to plug the charger into my cell phone.  Taking the dog out is a luxury..It is a good thing I am a cereal and banana lover..cause that's the fastest available thing to eat! Hugs and thanks for your cards and emails..phyllis   I can feel your with us!