Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mass General Hospital Boston/Voice Center

     October 28, 2013 was the date of my recent surgery to restore my raspy voice to the strong sound of a voice similar to a baseball empire.  This all came about because of the condition of my voice due to thyroid cancer when I was thirty.  After fifty years of a voice that was almost a whisper to a miracle of strength.  I can yell, "I have a new voice!"  What a miracle.
     This all came about because of Julie Andrews and Dr. James Burns of the Boston Voice Center and the New York Times article on the Voice Center.
     After making my appointment and going up to Boston I learned I was a candidate for the surgery.  My good friend, Gwen Kotler became my care giver also and went with me.  I was to be there maximum of two weeks and a minimum of one week.  All according to complications.
      I was on the operating table for 2 and one half hours, just like my surgeon, Dr. James Burns said.  There was no pain.  He got to the vocal cords by slitting my neck open.  I had twelve stitches.  All went well.  I was up during surgery, so the doctor could tweak the voice.  I was in no pain.  I was euphoric with joy and as loud as a baseball empire!
     After fifty years to have a strong voice.  This was a true gift from the  skilled surgeon's big perfect hands.  This is eighty-year old heaven on earth.  Thank-you Dr. Burns.  Phyllis Rehmar