Monday, November 16, 2015

My Echo Cardiogram Results

     The nurse called with the results of my Echo Cardiogram.  "You have the same leaks as last year."
"Leaks?"  The plural was more pronounced than last year.  Quick get the IPad .  Sure enough a photo of the heart appeared with four valves.  Where was my leak?
       The nurse was available on my next telephone try.  My question was, "which one of the valves is leaking?"
        "All of them."  This is too funny.  I should be dead.  "No, no, many people have the same thing.  You can excersise and go about your business in the same way.  Nothing to worry about.  In fact, I have the same thing.
        "My Dear, if you were going to drive to Alaska  in your car.  You would take it in and have it all checked.  Soon they found out your tires all had mild leaks.  Would you continue with your plans or what?"
           " Just go on with your life as before."  My silent response screamed.  11/16/2015. Phyllis Rehmar.