Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pretty Amazing! This Bump in the Breast I Have! 3/31/12 phyllis!

It is amazing!  I must say  that. I have energy.  I continue to do my four mile early a.m. walks   My daily med
for the cancer is Arimidex anastrozole 1 mg. I have no ill effects from the med. It is doing the job of taking the estrogen out of my body and shrinking the MASS. I can tell the MASS is getting smaller to what extent I do
not know, that's what the four place wonderful team will tell me, through blood tests they have taken and
sharing with one another at their weekly meetings..over lunch! My next appointment with my Oncologist:
Dr. Richard Weiss is Thursday April 5, I will learn more then. I continue on with many projects. Bill does the same. He is quite good as he just had more skin cancer taken off his arm and ear.  He does not
flinch..just ....pour it on BABY! and off we go after that..probably for my allergy shots! What did Roseanna
Dana! from the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE years ago, she would say..."If it's not this it's that and so on! Of course she was funny..but then I am not on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!
hugs..phyllis 3/31/12 without family and friends..I am nothing!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Be Ready to Fight Cancer Before It Develops

Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) syndrome is an inherited condition that causes an increased risk of developing these cancers, often before the age of 50. Research shows that about 10% of breast and ovarian cancer is due to an alteration in either of 2 genes—BRCA1 and BRCA2. These genes can come from either your mother or your father. BRACAnalysis® testing identifies BRCA mutations, so you can take action to reduce your chances of developing cancer.
BRCA Mutation Increases the Risk of Cancer

Friday, March 23, 2012

Did You Laugh at Yourself? I do! Tell Me! Share/ phyllis 3/23/12

When we have a "booboo" ..we all want to make it better! With mine..tell me something funny!  I dropped my medicine container...on the floor by the computer..In the meantime..I did some chores around the house..quick..that's how I and dangerous! Because I can easily throw something out in a fast clean-up...I looked at my desk! no! meds..Later! I looked in the sea of wires from my computer, ect..and there was the medicine. There is a whole world at your feet! Come on!  Tell me?  What has happened in your day?  Have a fun week-end..Hugs..phyllis

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sugeon: Dr. Joseph D. Bianchi....Great! Everyone would love him! I do!

Met with my surgeon, Dr. Joseph D. Bianchi to go over “the plan”, which is shrinking of the mass.  I have taken Arimidex anastrozole 1 mg. for a week.  I will continue this for two months.  This also will continue to take the estrogen out of my system, which feeds the mass and tumor growth. During this time, I will have blood tests and be monitored by my medicine Oncologist, Dr. Richard Weiss.  So there you have it.  For me it is a comfortable plan.  I feel well.  I have energy and can walk each early a.m. So I have no complaints. On the other hand, I am most grateful to my medical team and to Bill for his endless patience.
He continues to go to the doctor to have cancer removed from his skin every few months.  He does very well with the treatment and goes about his business, as if nothing happened. It looks like we are off to a good weekend, like normal folks and will be with friends.  Just kick back!  I wish you the same. 3/22/12  Hugs, Phyllis

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Evening..dear friends and Blog Photos! Feel MY hugs!

Today was a good day..It is the second day of my taking the shrink the estrogen from the mass pill, which is
Arimidex Snastrozole 1 far, so ill effects except a hot flash every now and then.
This is an interesting find:


Ductal carcinoma incidence rates remained essentially constant from 1987-1999 while lobular carcinoma rates increased steadily. This increase presents a clinical challenge given that lobular carcinoma is more difficult to detect than ductal carcinoma by both physical examination and mammography.

Trends in incidence rates of invasive lobular and ductal breast carcinoma.


Division of Public Health Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 1100 Fairview Ave N, MP 381, PO Box 19024, Seattle, Wash 98109-1024, USA.
I encourage all of you and me for dig for info..thank heavens for Google!
3/17/12  hugs..Phyllis


My links of Doctors are in place! Everyone has their medical and emotional act together, including me! I started my first pill of Arimidex anastrozole 1 mg..1 daily. This is suppose to starve the cancer mass.  I can do anything,
if I can walk every a.m. that together with the pill will work wonders.  One takes care of the medical and the walking takes care of my emotional and energy level..Both should be labeled "medicine"!  Each of my doctors:
J.Bianchi/S. Goldish/C. Hechtman/R.Weiss are a fully loaded team. They each are in sinc with me in
explaining, teaching, helping, having back-up plans.  This has made me feel like a load is lifted out of
my breast! I too, feel like a team player! I hope other women in a similar position will have that feeling early on in treatment of their cancer.  Just think 47 years ago when I had cancer of the Thyroid..I was not even given an MRI..I feel better already! My followers of this blog, Bill, my rock and my family..all coming to my aid is super. Its like having a hug all day long! 3/17/2012 hugs back to you! Phyllis then hit blog!

Friday, March 16, 2012


This Dr. Weiss explained ever morsel to me..He had alot of plan B's to try.  First of all I learned from him this mass I have is not attached to the wall of my chest. My lymph nodes are not affected. These two things are
a plus for me.  The goal of healing is to take the estrogen away from my system.  Dr. Weiss took me off my premerin daily dosage.  This will stop feeding the mass. The goal is to starve the mass of estrogen and this will
shrink the mass and make it easier to remove. Dr. Weiss, instead put me on a daily  Arimidex tablet.  This will also deplete and rid me of estrogen, all shrinking the mass. The mass will be measured in three weeks to see if this is working.  If not he has another drug I can try.  What works for one person..does not work for the other.
For me and Dr. Weiss it was a very positive day.  What a team I have! 3/16/12 ..Hugs, Phyllis

March 15 2012 DR. RICHARD WEISS MARCH 16, 2012 appt. today!

Good! we hope test results will be in today..and meeting Dr. Richard Weiss oncologist for the first time.
I look forward to that.  He comes into the team with such glowing reports! Good! because I am glowing to
get treatment and the show on the road.

Bill has another appointment on Tuesday with the skin doctor for his skin cancer.  Each time they send a new batch off to the lab for positive diagnosis of how the cancer is doing.  Aren't we both diversified? 

You cannot say....we don't use our time well! OK..BLOG..DEARIE!   It is 5 a.m. I will go for my walk.
It is lovely out.  Have just come in from taking Annie out around our loop. 3/16/12  Hugs, Phyllis

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15 2012 DR. RICHARD WEISS MARCH 16, 2012 appointment

Test results tomorrow March 16, 2012..So we will see what we will see..another bit of news to digest..and report on into my blog.  Let's see what comes of my efforts to lie in that sealed tube, especially made for people like me with claustrophobia. There is one good thing of all of this..This process has eliminated my claustrophobia. Will add to my blog when I get home from Doctor appointments and write down what went on.  You are my quiet friend, who is always there for me..Kinda like my dog Annie!  Except this moment in time she is by my side..snoring..but my dears, she is by my side..and dear Bill is reading his computer, just in back of my computer..this is living! let me tell you..thanks for hanging here with are dears..3/15/12/ www.women70and   hugs.Phyllis


No set rules are for everyone..just stretch my I had some of these symptoms .  The moment I felt
the hardness I went that moment for a mammogram .  Had had a mammogram one year ago. Here are some guidelines from the Cancer Association.  Perhaps this will help another woman out there.

At first, invasive lobular carcinoma may not cause any symptoms. Sometimes, an abnormal area turns up on a screening mammogram (x-ray of the breast), which leads to further testing. Invasive lobular carcinomas tend to be more difficult to see on mammograms than invasive ductal carcinomas are. That’s because instead of forming a lump, the cancer cells more typically spread to the surrounding connective tissue (stroma) in a line formation.
In other cases, the first sign of ILC is a thickening or hardening in the breast that can be felt, rather than a distinct lump. Other possible symptoms include an area of fullness or swelling, a change in the texture of the skin, or the nipple turning inward.
According to the American Cancer Society, any of the following unusual changes in the breast can be a first sign of breast cancer, including invasive lobular carcinoma:
  • swelling of all or part of the breast = I had this was very difficult to see the swelling.phyllis
  • skin irritation or dimpling
  • breast pain
  • nipple pain
  • redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  • a nipple discharge other than breast milk
  • a lump in the underarm area
  • Please go for a mammogram ..just for the peace of mind factor..because CANCER IS POSSIBLE 3/15/12  hugs..phyllis
Was this resource helpful?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doctor appointment changed to Friday..March 16, 2012

This is part of it!  Patience! Thinking you will get your test results one day..and it is the next..I am trying to
improve that part of me..more patience needed!  Oh well, we all say, "What's one more day?"

Thanks for hanging here with me in the very quiet of our computer room..I can somehow tell you are here
with me..thanks..hugs till tomorrow...phyllis 3/14/

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Lucky me!  Lucky Bill..! That I have Dr. charles D. Hectman MD,PhD..on my lucky can I be?

Dr. Hechtman specializes in the following:
Radiation Oncologist
Sub-specialties: Radiologist
Radiation oncologists specialize in treating cancer by shrinking tumors and reducing pain with radiation therapy, also known as irradiation. Radiation therapy is used on up to two-thirds of cancer patients – most of whom are diagnosed with breast cancer, prostate cancer or lung cancer. Radiation oncologists also monitor patients and work to minimize side effects of cancer therapy. Practitioners usually collaborate with other health care professionals – including surgeons, radiation oncology nurses and technicians.. They forgot to say..he is kind..and compassionate and

is able to read who you are through your words! Weeeeeee! Now I can sleep better! Hugs..Phyllis

March 13, 2012..Just plain tired from the tests!

Good Evening..We had Chinese tonight..they know how to do it good on a sizzling platter.  The rice and
tea they serve are so soothing!  Just what we both needed after the doctor appointment and the fasting
for another in the tube scan/ with stuff in the vein..I hoped I would get lolled to sleep while in the tube.  It did not happen..

I was filling out doctor's office papers and last minute stuff last night.  You would think I could rattle off, now what year was it?  Tomorrow is clean my desk..Papers from the printer..and stuff..stuff..around.  It would be
nice if it would turn into rose pedals..with the smell of lilacs..Good night for now, even tho the sun has not gone down..Hugs..phyllis


Meet with Dr. Charles Hechtman, MD,PhD Radiation Oncology today.  What a distinguished person! Full of
kindness and knowledge of all sorts.  He is waiting for more tests to come back before starting my meds. My
scan this afternoon will be a help for him..that's @ 3:25 p.m. He even helped an Algerbra  problem.
I will look over it and indent it in my mind.  I am studying the TABE MATH WORKBOOK so I can take
the math test at Daytona State College..Just a demon of mine..I want to work through.

Deb..thanks for your comments..Yes I do drink wine..perhaps four glasses of wine a month..I have just learned
how to drink it after all these years!  I like the $2.97 White Zinfendel I get at Walmart..that's how much wine
class I have!..perhaps you can help your MOM get her photo on this site? No food till after my scan, which starts at 3:25 p.m. After that would love to drawn myself in Root Beer Floats, my favorite of all times..
Thanks to all of you for hanging with me..Hugs ..Phyllis 3/13/12

Monday, March 12, 2012


Perhaps this will help. I got the directions off here goes:

Add an image

You can add an image from your computer or the Web to your blog. Click the image icon in the Post Editor toolbar. A window appears prompting you to browse for an image file on your computer, or enter the URL of an image on the Web.
Once you've selected your image, you can then choose a layout to determine how your image will appear in your post:
  • The 'Left', 'Center', and 'Right' options allow you to customize the way your blog text will flow around your image.
  • The 'Image size' options will determine how large the image will appear within your post.
Click UPLOAD IMAGES to add your image, and then click DONE when the notification window appears telling you that 'Your image has been added.' Blogger will then return you to the post editor, where you'll see your image ready to be published to your blog.
You can also publish images to your blog using your mobile device, Google's free photo software Picasa, or a third-party service like flickrLearn more
If anyone has an easier it that will be a help!


Today was Gooooooooooood!  The Gastro Doctor..said I do not need  to have an upper GI..and
the Colostomy Doctor..said I do not need to have a up the TUSH..routine! And ! the PET SCAN
report said all my this point are NOT effected with the CANCER, so among the torns
good things to report on my side.  

My spirits are up!  I have a glass of wine I am sipping on.  Annie, my King Charles eating
her food right by me..and Bill is cooking great things in the kitchen!  OH!  after I got the report no
UPPER AND LOWER tests..I said lets celebrate and stop at CRISPY CREAM DOUGHNUTS....
WITH A CUP OF COFFEE..Bill and I shared.  We gave the remainder of the doughnuts. to GORDON..our slim friend that lives next door..he is our "Mikey" know "lets give it to Mikey".
What a good sport he is and kind and boot. HUGS..Phyllis 

Friday, March 9, 2012


Great, I will follow you wherever you go with the blog.
It will take time for me to write something.
Playing hookey from temple tonight.
Shabbat shalom.
Good health to you ,
Love Anna.

ANNA I will never forget your kindnesses and your visit..and what you have done to heal your broken arm..
Thanks for giving me some of your strength..I am on my way to Friday Night services.  Shabbat Shalom to you and good health...


Who would argue with a Colon Doctor?  I thought to myself..let me get out of here..! Monday, March 12m 2012, I have an appointment with Dr. Gubel, the upper GI doctor..lets see if I get a free pass there!? Tuesday my appointment is with the Radiation Oncologist at 10a.m. At 3 p.m. I have a Cat Scan.. Wednesday I do
not have any appointments at this moment in time. We went to a very lovely small dinner party given by our
good friend Millie Kinbar.  We had alot of laughs and good food.  She is one of the ladies I am following on my web site  She is a wonder of a person.  Everything she touches is creative and inspiring. It did both me and Bill alot of good to do that.  It got our minds off doctor appointments. Thank goodness it is Friday.  The rain is coming down heavy.  I am in our computer room with three walls of window looking over green gardens.  A good time for me to sign off for now.  Thanks for hanging with me.
Somehow I know you are out there cheering me on..Hugs, Phyllis

Thursday, March 8, 2012


You are dears for signing in.  This is the best gift I can have.  It gives me love, support and kindness that I
carry with me..Money cannot buy the most precious things in life. Thanks for sure to Bill: he is my rock for sure! Hugs and more hugs!


Fun you say?! This is just an appointment to see the doctor, he looks to see if your TUSH is still there!
Then I get scheduled for the real appointment.  You remember it I am sure.  This a.m. after my walk and
breakfast..Bill and I went on our trek to two doctors to sign releases so they can look at my MRI and PET SCAN..and anything else they might want to see.  Things are going well.  You have to do alot of stuff before you see the two different Oncologists..Poor things will have so much to read.  OK! I am off to the other side of
town again today for the check it out, if you have not seen it.  It
took me two years to get it done. Hugs, Phyllis

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (ILC) so far this is what I know

nvasive Lobular Carcinoma (ILC)
Invasive lobular carcinoma develops in the milk-producing glands (lobules)of the breast. ILC has the ability to spread to other parts of the body, (most commonly bone, brain, liver, and lungs) either through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system. ILC usually presents as an abnormal feeling breast (most often a thickening) and not as a hard mass that can be felt. ILC is less likely to show up on a mammogram.
Women over the age of 40 have an increased risk of developing invasive lobular carcinoma, with most cases occurring in women between the ages 45-56.  Does this mean I am younger than 78? Ha! Ha! This is from the Internet..and is the
type of cancer I have.  Pet Scan...when read by my Onocolgist (2) will interrup the scans and tests and treatment will be presented to me. Lobular Carcinoma in situ
Normal breast with lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) in an enlarged cross–section of the lobule.
This is not my lobular runs across the top where you see the yellow color.
It started with the pink area..that rose to the top!  Of course we must go to  medical
school to interpret all of this..till then we have this simulated photo.Hugs ..Phyllis  

Happy like my Birthday! Instead= This is PET SCAN DAY!

My PET SCAN IS AT 10:45 A.M today. This is a two 1/2 hour thingy and they can tell if the CANCER has
invaded any of the other organs.  You have a IV and it puts some kind of dye used as a marker.  I am so
excited about this = to think when I shower..I have all this stuff behind my skin..really working like a dog, so
I can go for my 4 mile walk each a.m. This is better than going to see what's wrong with your car.  To be able
to know how my "beat..beat..beat.."  works..And! there was a song when I was a kid..The knee bone is connected to the thy bone, ect.  They are so kind in the department of nuclear medicine.  It makes you want
to stay still..and do not move from the left to the right.
Gee, it is only 4:45 a.m. I have walked this early before, but now  as I age..I try hard to wait till 6 a.m. to show my self I am
more mature and thoughtful of my self ! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Do you believe that? Well I will linger in the
shower till the water gets cold..that will take up some time..and read the on line..that will do it!
Hugs..and more..till the next time..Phyllis

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Onward! Bill's doctor appointment went well!

Doctors are skilled! One of our skin doctors..Meg is her name did wonders with Bill. She took off about five
biopsy's and is sending them to the lab.  That takes about two weeks to get back.  He has had this done so many times
before.  All I can say is thank heaven he is still here.

We then schlepped to doctor's offices to make a colostomy appointment and an upper G.I. appointments.
First you have to have an appointment with the doctor, then they schedule you.
If anyone out there wants to go in my place..I'll sign you up! That is all in place.  The doctor's have done
a great job of making this team work and schedule.  We are getting there..Hugs..Phyllis

I am so excited! I could jump off this page! Look!!

This is great! The appointment lady called and I am in with my Radiation Oncologist March 13/ Medical Oncologist March 16 and my Surgeon March 22, 2012. They will soon have all the biopsy data to draw from to put
my plan into focus..  This takes a load off .. I am excited. A Plan! A Plan! I could sing it to the
sound of music and a TEAM.  

Today we only have one doctor's appointment for Bill to have some more Cancer taken off his face and
where ever else they can find it. Remember he was a Sailboat man for forty years and a redhead, put that
together and you get skin cancer.  He has had it for years and for years he is such a good patiet, they burn
it off and he does not flinch.  What a man! What a guy! I love him..

Thats all for this moment, thanks for hanging here with me.  You all are the greatest! Hugs and more, Phyllis

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Demon the MRI machine! I beat it!

The first of my tests was today...MRI.  The doctor gave me two Valiums .  One to take the night before and the other to take two hours before the test.  I had called the MRI people two days before and asked if I could come over and see the machine.  I did and they were so nice to me I quickly felt better.  Since I have claustrophobia
I was able to feel comfortable when I positioned myself as directed with my boobs each going through these
large holes and my face going through a face opening looking at the floor.  My arms at the side of my head. The nurse told me if I moved I would have to come back another day and start all over.  That made me stay real still and not think of the itch on my nose.  The forty minutes went pretty fast..And! for me there is nothing like beating one of my Demons.  Bill made me Chicken Marsala with fresh mushrooms and mashed potatoes and mixed
veggies.  It was quite good.  He has not come to terms with me being a vegetarian.  Chicken Marsela is his
favorite.  That's the least I can do for him.  He was sweet to fix dinner and do a clean up.  Onward, the next test is a Pet Scan and that will be Wednesday..Hugs to all for all..good night, I hope. Phyllis

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Real life gets in the way!

February 28, 2012..Just came back from the doctor, as he had the results of my mammogram on
February 23, 2012.  The results to date are I do have a large mass in my left breast, which is cancer.  They took
a very advanced biopsies in the office, which were sent off to the lab.  We will get the results by Monday. (ha!
nothing happens on Monday's or Fridays!) I have appointments for a Pet scan and MRI next week.  I now have
a Doctor Team and they will meet to make their plan according to the findings.  I will meet with the Dr. of
Radiology Oncology and my Dr. of Oncology.  This will be next week..I am most positive and look forward to going onward.  Bill is taking this well and in good spirits.  Do remember as I always have..from me to you, Real life gets in the way! Check out my new web site: and please follow and most of all add to my blog..hey?!  What's happening in your life? Get your mammogram today! Hugs, Phyllis