Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30/12 Visiting ALERT! ...BILL!

We do not have a date of Bill's release from Halifax..When we get the release  he will then go to the Health Center..when he
gets all of his tubes out. Today is the leg staple replacements in   his leg surgery. A few staples had
popped out due to normal swelling.

No visitor's at either place until..I put out the OK..he has alot of adjustments to go through. He will need
at least a week of adjustments at the Health Center.  He will be involved in many different physical
therapy procedures daily..Lets all give him the chance to recovery as he has had.

We thank every one's caring and support..check out my blog as I write in it everyday of

medical updates..I hardly have time to write this email..Thanks for your kind

understanding..many hugs....phyllis then hit the blog button..

Sunday, April 29, 2012

4/29/12 Bill is Healing and Amazing!

Just got home from my 12 visit..I got to see the leg surgery that was also get the veins for

the 4 by-pass.. It was from his ankle to mid thigh..What a strong guy, my Bill every way! He was sitting up

in a chair when I got there..he ate 1/2 of his breakfast..For lunch he had a blueberry yogurt and jello..I got to see

the doctor while I was there. He will put some more staples in the leg surgery, as the swelling made some of

the staples come out. He will do that tomorrow, Monday..Both Bill and me are pleased everything is going well..
Now for alittle nap..of thirty minutes or I can be at the hospital at 4-6p.m. part of the day.. Hugs, phyllis  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/28/12... Bill Improves Since Yesterday!

...It is amazing..the recovery process, since I saw Bill last evening..there is a big change in him
today..He was sitting in the chair when I arrived at noon. He said he had 1/2 egg and a couple of

pieces of dry cereal. I ordered his lunch and he had a couple of bites of meat..and all of his jello and

2 spoons of vanilla pudding and a half cup of coffee..His surgeon was there with a good report on Bill.

He took the drain out of his chest. What skill! After he ate his lunch we played "blow out the candles".

That is to open his lungs..He was so much more improved with that.I could feel his breathe on my

face. Yesterday it was not that strong. By that time he feel asleep..The nurse was going to walk

him down the hall when he gets up. At that point I left and will be back for the 4 p.m. shift and his

dinner...I did give our dog, Annie a bath and brush before I went to see Bill..I will try and go to sleep.

I did my cereal routine and fruit for lunch..Hugs, Phyllis

Friday, April 27, 2012

4/28/12..What a Haul..Pulling Health Together!

If I could only make it easier for Bill. Time goes quickly, it waits for no one! And! it takes you to another point in your life quickly. Bill has made so much progress. With the nurses help he walked out to the hall yesterday and he sat in a chair for an hour. He had two breathing sessions with a breathing mask on his face with some meds in it for his lungs.  He gets this upon waking in the mornings and before he goes to bed.  It seems drinking water is helpful for his lungs.  I got some sips down him. His voice is very faint. What a pair we are, with my weak voice, blending with his! We were together, he and I and a band of nurses from twelve noon till almost 5 p.m. I made arrangements for him to go to a  health recuperation place, which also includes physical therapy.  This will help him get stronger each day and we can have the joy of having a meal together.  The first time I am allowed up to see him is 12 noon. I come home from seeing Bill and have some cereal and banana, one of my favorites and go to sleep.  I have not checked our mail box for days..Hugs, phyllis

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4/26/12 OPEN HEART SURGERY! perfect! BILL

Bill and Dr. Bradley Litke, heart surgeon and his strong team got him through this with the heavens above! His nurse called me every hour 1/2 to give me updates of his progress from surgery.  What a help that was for me..I got to the hospital at 6 a.m. and got to see Bill.  Of course, he was in good spirits, joking around about how good Apple stock did!  My friend and support system Morrisa was there with me.  What a help it is to have a good friend with you.  It was very calming for me. I did get to see Bill after surgery just for moments. They take such good care of him in ICU..with two nurses working on him every minute.  I went home and got two hours of sleep then was able to go back to the hospital after I got permission from his team.  At that point the ventilator was out of his mouth and he was awake..and very sleepy.  The report good! No problems..he will recuperate at home for three months..and be very tired and want to sleep alot and eat little.  Sounds like a good life..I need to try it!
I must rush off for my oncology appt. in a few minutes. Thanks and hugs to all..we are doing great!  What a birthday present I Bill..phyllis

Monday, April 23, 2012

4/23/12..... Bill's Turn/OPEN HEART SURGERY!

This came out of the blue! Just like real life does! Bill was going to have a STENT put in, instead they found he was all blocked up.  They opped for a HEART BYPASS  instead.  We will talk with the surgeon tomorrow..and find out the details. Possible surgery for Bill 12/25..Bill is not in pain. He took
the one test today, very well.  This is a blessing for us.  Because of this, he will have a good prognosis and not be so tired.  One door closes, another door opens, most of the time better than ever before!
Bill is in good spirits and wanted to know where is the coffee and when are they going to feed me around here!  That is a sign he is doing well! Onward! Hugs to all..phyllis

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Office visit today: Dr. J. Bianchi, Surgeon. I thought the MASS wad down about 20%..he thought it was MORE! The news is I will be on ARIMIDEX for life. ..if there are any lymph nodes affected they are also getting smaller..This means I will more than likely NOT have to have CEMO.. before surgery, which is GREAT! This is all due to the fact I am responding to the ARIMIDEX!
Most of all I give CHEERS! to my Doctors and my team! What a pull of the efforts of so many people!
Thank-you all!  And! thank-heavens I keep on WALKING EVERY DAY!  AND! THE VEGGIES, my silent helpers!  Of course there is FRENCH VANILLA ICE CREAM that is on my side..NO my hips!
My silly side has kicked in...Hugs..phyllis 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/18/12 Answers to Why I BLOG ABOUT CANCER!

My treatment will take almost a year for completion, that part is the same for most people.

I am on the first part of treatment Armidex 1 mg...a two month treatment.., which will be

over about 18 more days..within that time blood tests are taken and you finish your MRI's

of this period in time. The team of four follow your every tests and meet once a week to

follow progress..Then after this period of time as they continue to follow the size of the MASS

they decide how much medicine to give you on the next phase..which again, might last

another two that lets you know some of the progress. I continue to walk each a.m.

and carry on with our plans..we do not have plans to go out of town until this is over.

It becomes a chore for me to go into  all this same stuff so many times with family, doctors, friends,
 and people in my support group.
  The blog is good, as it is all broken down into can just read the "headlines"
to get updates..IF you have just alittle time. Thanks to everyone for all the kindnesses on our behalf.
This cancer treatment business keeps me and us on the run. Hugs back to each one of you..phyllis   AND! hit the BLOG BUTTON!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/17/12 *Dr. Sharon Goldish talked on Lymphedema after Breast Surgery

Went to my first Breast Cancer Support Group at the France Tower at Halifax.  What an eye opener for me.  I had no previous idea of Lymphedema after breast surgery.  We all came away, more informed.  Most everyone shared their stories.  Who knows what's lurking way up in our arm pits?  One more reason to check those breasts...for any abnormal color..look under the breasts, also..You can never look too much.  The breast are quite clever.  They can hid the largest of MASS MATERIAL..or the smallest
of a lump!  Just ask me.  My MASS was 11 cm...I just shake my head when I say that...You would have thought..oh well..what a big difference couldn't you tell what was going on?  As they say, I was the last to know and felt silly running to the mammogram center to schedule a mammogram for that day.  We women have a deep intuitive power.  We are lucky for this good trait..Go for it girls!  I am glad I did.  Even though I have a big haul ahead of me..I am plowing through this. Do the same! Hugs, phyllis

Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15/12 .....A Glorious Sunday! Not the Ice Cream Kind!

This is one of those days, you think?   How Good is This!  An early a.m. walk.  A late perfect brunch with Bill. Cleaning off part of the papers by my desk! With Bill's help..he is the organized one!  Then a concert this afternoon..With Conductor/Artistic Director, Gordon S. Russell at the Preforming Arts Center in Ormond Beach, Fl. Some of the played items were Carmen Suite, Blue Tango The Entertainer, Clairnet Quintet, West Side Story Highlights, ect..a real pleasant time..Followed with a good coffee, what more is there?  Onward!  Life and my Boob are going good!..This is a special week coming up, as I see the MAN, Surgeon on April 19, 12..this Thursday!  Let's hear his thoughts on the progress! At this point in time I have 28 more days of this med I am on now..A powerful swallow each a.m. I must say.
That's all for now..a good week coming up for you..Hugs..phyllis

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Does age matter? NO!    This list could be a guide for you no matter what  your age after 21.  MEDICARE DOES COVER THE FOLLOWING:  Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening/Bone Mass Measurement/Cardiovascular Screening/Colorectal Screening/Fecal Occult Blood Test//Flexible Sigmoidoscopy/Colonoscopy/Barium Enema/Diabetes Screening/Diabetes Self-management Training/ Flu Shot/Glaucoma Test/Hepatitis B Shot/HIV Screening/Mammogram/Medical Nutrition Therapy Services /Pat Text and Pelvic Exam(includes breast exam)..if you have done most of this are A#1 GREAT!  Your tax dollars are working for us! That plus walking at least twenty minutes a day and more and you have upped your status to GREAT! GREAT!  We cannot beat our genes, on the other hand we can have QUALITY OF LIFE, while on this earth! Hugs from someone who is trying my darndest to continue my wellness program..join me..leave a message! You are worth it. phyllis

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/12 This is the BEST DAY EVER! HERE IS WHY!

Just got home from my endo-scopy at 1:30 p.m. today.  It went so well at the Borland-Groover Clinic in Ormond Beach, Fl. The best Gastroenterology Dr. Peter Grubel was in charge. After checking in, had
my vitals taken, a list of my meds handed over to the nurse, who checked and re-checked me. After that was completed with the utmost skill I went to my cubicle, got into a gown. My IV was started, along with my EKG. Then timed like a symphony, I met my Anesthesiologist, and I went off to the surgical room. There I meet the rest of the team and in came Dr. Grubel, he said every kind word in the book and the procedure was over!  I was soon waking up to a hot cup of tea, my favorite!    I felt like I had as much energy as I did when I came home from my four mile walk earlier this a.m. I got dressed..Make a potty stop..and Bill had the car at the door for me.  How good is that!  Surely the best day ever!  It left me wondering why more people do not have preventative tests..before they hurt so badly, they can hardly get to the doctor?
You tell me..leave a comment!  Thanks to my team of skilled people. Hugs, phyllis

4/11/12 BRAC1 &2/ Catherine McQuade RN ONC/MY TEAM/my BOOB!

The BRAIN MRI is clean! The BRAC 1&2 blood test sent off yesterday! Results back maybe 4/26/12, The results will tell if it is hereditary, if so the results will help my daughter and son, as they can pass the info in writing to their doctors and children ect. Perhaps not heredity..then that will also be helpful for them. Catherine McQuade RN ONC is one of my team members and MORE! got the ball rolling: all  the mountains of paper work and blood test off for this special test that was ordered by my surgeon, Dr. Joseph D. Bianchi. Ms McQuade goes over every grain of the BRACA 1&2 and teaches and explains to me the reports from the team's findings of the week before! Goodness! Helpful! YES! How lucky can I be!  Bill able to be in there with me, so he knows every morsel of what is going on with my MASS that is getting smaller. Today! UPPER GI TEST at 1:30 p.m. due to the dryness of the meds and the small size of the esophugus they will stretch it. This will be more comfortable for me! ONWARD! The split pea and barley soup is cooking for when I get home and then there is French Vanilla Ice Cream! What a reward! Of course Bill and his IPAD 3 will go with me! Hugs phyllis

Monday, April 9, 2012

4/9/12 HOT FLASHES! One Minute Hot/Cold=Meds/WORKING!phyllis

The Arimidex anastrozole 1 mg ...has become my best friend.  It is depleting the estrogen in my body that feeds the hungry MASS..The best part the MASS gets smaller everyday. It was like a large grapefruit. Now the size of an orange. Thursday I will have completed one month of being on this med.  I must be on it for one more month.
Then my team will decide what the next step will be. Everything depends on the size of the MASS. I continue to
walk my four miles most days.  I have had days when I am tired and I give in to sleep during the day.  I must say, My! that feels good.  The Arimidex anastrozole 1 mg..makes me dryer all over, especially my mouth and my esophagus along with the Allegra I take for allergies = these two meds are like drying the clothes in the dryer two times..To compensate I carry a bottle of water around with me and drink water like I am in the bottom of a swimming pool..all day long. So there you have update. I could not sign in properly as the Blog Co. was
going through some changes. I had to put one blog under comments! BUT THEN, Real like gets in the way!
Hugs..phyllis ...get its a beautiful day! .