Friday, July 27, 2012


I am able to raise both of my arms straight up over my head.  I can also stretch them with hands clasp in front and back of me. I must add another exercise to the mix daily.  They are the Butterfly Stretch, the wall climb: side, Side-lying Reach, Seated Side Stretch.On and on it goes!  There are more of every sort.  What is this going to do for me!? It will make my radiation go easier, in every way.  After doing these exercises I become very sore for the whole day.  What kind of sore, you might ask?  The kind of sore like you were hit in the side and with by a large truck. Even my soft cotton shirt hurts as it touches the area  as I move during the day..After a nights sleep it is so much better in the morning.  Then my walk and I end it with these exercises is the grand finale of torture.  The thought of Radiation coming up easily pushes me onward! hugs, phyllis 05/06/12 Day 16 after surgery.

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