Friday, July 20, 2012


This is day 9 since I had my surgery.  I still have the two viles of dripping blood.. I must take the stopper out each drain and pour it into a measured cup and write down what drain 2 goes on which side of the paper and chart this until my appointment on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.  Remember each drain is anchored  in my skin about 8 inches from the pit of my arm.  It goes in my side perhaps four inches . It is then stitched into place. Then you have this long drain that measures from the top of your arm to the ends of your fingertips.. When these drains hand loose, the filled bulbs feel blocks of cement and pull from the anchored part that goes into the body and HURTS. So the object is to always were jeans, which are the best. The reason the fabric is strong and you can put the bulbs in each pocket in the front, if you are lucky.  I say this because if you have a tummy, you cannot do that, that means there is not enough tubing to go over the belly. Next problem, you must empty these blood bulbs two times a day.  That problem being when you take them in and out of a tight pocket the drain stopper area can open by itself and you can drop blood on good white shorts, or the floor when you go to the potty. Next showering and positioning your blood viles.  (I glossed over this in an earlier blog...that was not enough)  If you have a grab bag for can balance them on that bar, although they slip and slide..and when they drop..they HURT! Also your shower head.  I am lucky we have two shower heads and one is a removable spray..this is one of the most helpful things I have and cherish it. Why? It is comfort.  When I wear nice comfy cotton short or slacks, the blood viles pull the cotton items down..not as baggy as the kids on the street..but you are pulling up your pants...up and down..There is no way to find a comfort zone, but you must and you will..SORT OF!
There is nothing funny about these blood viles.  They do pull and they are something you remember like the baby's head in your belly the day before you delivered!  Send me an email...I will try to get you to a comfort zone..with a quick reply. Mine might come out MAYBE July 24, 2012. I hope against hope? Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933  hit the comment button, want to hear from you...    

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