Sunday, July 22, 2012

7/22/12...GET THROUGH THIS ? pr

Part of the reason I started this BLOG was to help myself get through this and help other women who have just learned the have BREAST CANCER.  I was in my surgeon's office the other day and saw a  younger women walk back to one of the exam rooms.  I could tell by her walk, she was scared.  Of course I wanted to hug her and say...."shhhhhhhhhh! Dear, it will be alright". Of course, I did not do that, instead I am writing, which has helped me.  The digging for news and other ways has helped me. It takes so many ingredients and morsels of help. Little did I know in the midst of all of this Bill would have OPEN HEART SURGERY, 4 BY PASSES.  The trails I went through were like real criminal trials on CSI..His 14 inch leg would, where they took the vein out to do rebuild work. His leg that was the size of 3 legs.  His feet that would not fit into his shoes. Other bathroom events that are the wrong color for print.  My help for him. Helping him in the car..praying each block I would not have a wreck..and hurt his wide open chest. Oh! Phyllis STOP! It is over! Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933   please send your comments. You are my support.

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