Sunday, July 15, 2012


Day 4 after surgery..My shower! and HAIR WASH! I still have two long drains in me that collect the debree from two lymph nodes.  They are as long as my arm and hand, with a round vile on the end that does the collection of the debree. They must be emptied two times a day..and the amount must be written on a chart with the amount and the date..also...a.m. & p.m. times..So back to the shower. I tried as I had read in my findings...IF you take a long ribbon you can tie up these long viles before getting into the they do not knock into your body for a good shower. REALITY/ next plan. Do your own thing..The ribbon was a bust!  You need a class in RIBBON . It was easier to manage in the shower without all the bandages and miles of tape.  It was amazing I could put liquid soap on my NO BOOB! Life is full of surprises!  This one was pleasant. I have soft cotton knee pants and long sleeve shirt. All of it feels soft and comfy.  The vials rest in the pockets of my knee pants.  OTHERWISE.. trust me!  They would pull like cement blocks..and YES! I would feel that pull. This living and learning is great..I hope I get it all in before its time to go to NEVER LAND! Lauran continues to go back and forth to the store. I continue to make my wonderful egg plant and baked sweet potatoes. So comforting.  Bill continues to cut up watermelons and eat them first and bag the rest into plastic bags in the refrig. There! we are on schedule.  Even Annie the dog knows when she gets time on the leash.  It was GRAND TO HAVE MY FRIEND MORRISA, here for girl talk.  NOTHING IN THE WORLD IS BETTER THAN A GOOD FRIEND..One that knows the beat of your heart and the turn of your head.  One that pours kindness all over you....thats MORRISA.. hugs, phyllis  05/06/1933  What do you think, alot? send it to or push the comment button in red...easier than my vials!


  1. I have been following you since I read about you in the Daytona News Journal. I am so happy you came through the surgery successfully--I was praying for you. Your doctor sounds like a dream doctor. I know you have a dog named Annie; I have a pug named Maggie.

    I look forward to reading your blog daily.

    Your friend,