Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7/11/12...Hey! A Lucky Date! and SURGERY Today!

I have never felt more positive!  About  Everyone's decision to have this left breast off. The RADIOISOTOPE and blue dye  is a test I had yesterday was injected with two long needles of blue dye by a Radiology Doctor.  Then I wait for two 1/2 hours till the tie finds its way to my left breast.  Then I am put on this long rolling cart and an XRay square machine comes down close to the top of your chest to take pictures of where the dye is.  this will help determine the stage of  the axillary under arm lymph nodes.  This will be used as a "map of the surgery" to know where to find the "top dog of the lymph nodes" to take out. The RADIOLOGY DOCTOR, STONE, then marks the sight with an X on my breast and also towards the under arm area, another X under the arm all with an arrow..between the two.  Then there is a print out of this chart that I take into the hospital with me this a.m. and it goes to my SURGEON DR. BIANCHI..It was great, in my book, BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR'S FITNESS PLAN by Dr. Kaelin, M.D., MPH  tellsALL ABOUT THIS TEST ON PAGE 42.  I knew every step of the way of this long test.  Every drop you know, gives comfort to you.  Sooooo, I feel good this a.m. I am all packed.  Coffee is on for Bill and Lauran..Just have to put my tooth brush in my packings..I will walk Annie, our dog now and jump in the shower.  Last call for hair wash.  Us ladies want to wash our hair, just like we like a glass of wine..Set it up Sam! Hugs, phyllis   05/06/1933  send comments to                    JACK, thanks for the    

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  1. Phyllis,
    Our prayers our with you and Bill. May today be the first day of the rest of your life. My grandmother used to say they are just socks with rocks in them anyway! Please update us when you can.