Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/30/12 Tomorrow I Will Do It Again! pr

Trivia?  It takes 200 muscles to walk one-step!  Think how many steps you take in one day?  Alternatively!  If you take daily walks in the mornings!  It adds up. Perhaps you will get a pedometer to find out?  You can easily find out the shape of some of your muscles when you set muscles goals for yourself.  How do you do that?  First, get a strong chair with no arms and sit up straight.  Put your arms across your chest! Then set a goal for yourself! First,  get up from the chair keeping your arms in the crossed position: try five times.  Keep increasing the amount of times by five.  When you do that twenty-five times in one sitting, you have arrived!  This is also good for your heart muscles.  Work those muscles and they will not let you down!  You do not want to lose what is yours. I will leave soon for my radiation treatment.  When I lay very still on the table I am so aware of my precious muscles.  I must be very still.  I am being watched in another room on a monitor.  The minute I am done, I fling the sheet off.  The techs take the pillows off and I get up like a sit-up motion.  I say to myself, “Thank-Heaven for my muscles.”  This makes me want to get out of there and walk, walk until the next day when I start all over again!  Hugs,phyllis  05/06/1933     


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