Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8/21/12 Emotional Caregivers' TAX Pay UP ! pr

On my website www.women70andover.com I dedicated this site to Jackie Myers.  She died about a year ago and she was one of the women I was following.  Jackie was about 78 when I started the website. Her husband was about 12 years older.  She was his caregiver. She died very suddenly one day.  Lauran Neergaard 08/15/12 wrote an interesting piece in the Huffinton Post, on that date called.
NEW AD CAMPAIGN PORTRAYS CAREGIVERS' Help.  Jackie, Bill and me are and were under the term CAREGIVERS'.  Jackie is gone.  Bill and I are here taking care of each others. One of these announcement reads, " I take care of her, but who takes care of me?" I mentioned to someone, I need help.  They looked at me and said: You have everything under control.  I understood then, they did not get it! "Most caregivers don't know where to turn for help" said AARP vice president Debra Whitman.  Perhaps, if you would like you may go to the Huffington Post and look this article up. Quite good. huffington post.com I  mentioned this article since Bill and I take care of each other every moment of the day.  Today Bill has his daily physical therapy for his walking.  That is a 9 a.m.  First he drops me off right around the cornor for my daily Radiation  therapy.  This afternoon I have an appointment with my internist for a follow-up on my ER visit this past Sunday.  When you are in the midst of recovering from Open Heart Surgery and in the middle of cancer mastectomy recovery. You both are strong tolling care-givers.  This is a very silent profession.   People do not know even it happens even when they are their own care-givers.  You might be in the midst of it yourself?  Perhaps you do not even know it!  Gee, we sure do know the emotional  toll TAX it takes on you.  One must pay up in ER visits like I did Sunday.  Nothing is free!Hugs, phyllis 05/06/12  www.women70andover.com

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