Sunday, August 12, 2012

8/12/12 Stop! Look! Listen! to your Body! pr

Before I do my big walk in the a.m. I walk our dog, Annie.  This is a lazy kind of walk at her pace.  Smell each blade of grass!  After about twenty minutes or so, she is done!  I take her in and it's my turn!  I take a large plastic glass of ice and water with me.  The moon and stars are out and very bright!  My mood is grateful.  My step is quick.  I am off for my time.  Just me and the quiet and the comfort of the cold water on a morning that will soon be more than hot.  I see some regulars walking.  That lets me know I am not late!  All is good with the world!  My time!  My body is in tune with me.  Nothing hurts. I thought let me test my stamina.  I will try and walk my full big walk.  That is four miles.  At the two mile mark.  I felt like fatigue was starting to set in.  Nothing hurt.  I was getting hotter.  This is where my push kicked in.  My pace slowed and I continued onward.  The sun was coming up.  I thought, "I must get up forty minutes earlier tomorrow."  That sounded easy to do right now!  I was wide awake and not snuggled down in sleep mode!  The sun was in my eyes.  I looked for shade and finally I was home.  I spilled out my warmish water and filled my large glass with ice and cool water.  I felt accomplished!  Like I did something great, that only I knew!  I finished my goal, hard as it was!  I did it! Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933

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