Saturday, August 18, 2012

8/18/12 ...New Project? or FUN? pr

Halifax Hospital where I go to see my oncology DOCTORS and get my RADIATION  treatments is broken up into two units, in different parts of Daytona.   I am working on brochures that will introduce me and a FUN project of "NO LOOK DRAWING". You take a pen or pencil and look at someones face and NEVER look at the paper or the pen. You must draw the face and decide where to put the eyes, nose and mouth and never look at the paper until it is finished! This is a fun way for people that do not draw to see what is inside them and to have some laughs while they do it.  It is challenging!  Patients at both hospitals have Chemo departments.  I will volunteer and for the people taking the Chemo, if they like they can do these drawings and have a few laughs.  This will also build a portfolio of the art as they draw.  Perhaps we will have a gallery show later of their work.  Fun for all!  This will take some of the boredom out of their vital treatments.  I have had the required TB tests and orientation of volunteers and two interviews, among other things!  I presented the idea and they liked it.  So I will end up having fun.  Meeting new people.  Starting a project with a fun end! When I have my radiation treatments. My hands are on a bar behind my head, as I lay on the gurney for the treatment they are boring! Treatments of all kinds are helpful.  On the other hand they get boring and you become like a ROBOT! We will see how this goes!Hugs,phyllis 05/06/1933 

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