Friday, August 17, 2012

8/17/12 ..Routine Good or Bad? pr

Without a routine...I hang in mid-air.  Some people call it a schedule.  I must see a beginning a middle and an end to my goals . I have settled into my journey with my wellness program.  This makes me feel like I am not just flitting my time away.  I would have never thought before my diagnosis of recent cancer I would have a routine!  Now I do see a light at the end of this Robot tunnel I am in.  This gives me hope.  On the other hand, I continue to be in the position of telling people I meet in doctor's offices  to take care of themselves.  I do go into my story.  I had NPR, public radio in the car, as I drive to these different appointments. The subject was something like, "Would You Like to Live To Be 100?  The answers were great.  None of them talked about preparing yourself NOW with eating proper foods. Keeping your body fit. Clearing your mind of debree.  Walking with nature surrounding you. Being of good spirits.  Having close and dear friends and family.  Nurturing the family and friends like treasures.  Giving of yourself to others and reaping the rewards. Going to the doctors and taking care of body problems as they pop up.  Being aware of what is going on in your body and caring for yourself, just as if you had an antique car worth millions. You are the most important treasure. Keep fit..Have a routine..a boring schedule, it is OK, even to be a Robot! Enjoy! It goes fast.Hugs,phyllis 05/06/1933

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