Monday, August 13, 2012

8/13/12 Friends and Family Matter! pr

Every phone call, every card, every prayer, every friend that comes to your door means so much.  Like what you might ask?  It is the sharing of illness or illnesses you have or are going through.  It is sharing their lives, that take some of your burdens away. It is their understandings about what you are going through.  It is the joy of hearing about what they are doing in their lives.  When you know that family or friends are on the other side of the door when you go to open it is a gift from the heavens.  The greatest gift of all is the gift of self.  You do not have to wrap it, or warm it up in the oven.  It does not spoil!  You cannot buy it at Walmart or Tiffany's.  It is just plain you!  You take some of the ouch away and I tell you how good it is to see you and hear how everything is on your side.  I really never thought of how you measure such a gift, such a treasure?  It really brings tears to my eyes as I think deeply of it all.  I am a lucky duck.  I am going to meet my friend for lunch today.  Which came first?  The lunch or the friend?  THE FRIEND! Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933


  1. Dear Phyllis,
    I check your blog to make sure things are going well and you and Bill are doing ok. So often I leave your site with my spirits lifted up and a smile on my face. You are one amazing lady! Thanks for the reminder about how important friends are to our lives and well being! Love you both!

  2. Aunt Phyllis, It is 8-15-12 and I very much like this particular posting. From time to time I check your blog to make sure things are going well and you and Bill. You are built a wonderful social network as a caring knowledgeable team to help each other. Bravo!!

    Much love,