Saturday, August 11, 2012


My Radiation journey.  I was called in to the radiation room and climbed on my beddy by.  Sure enough it fit perfectly into the space. My arms went to the grab bars close to the back of my head.
My face went all the way over to my right.  That is how I would be each time for my appointments. The radiation ladies told me to be still and not move a muscle.  Trust me!  I did not move.  The started marking more X"s on my chest.  I did not look to see.  I could only feel what they were doing.
After more, "Do not more!" instructions for good measure.  They left the room.  The very large arms came over my chest.  There was a green thin light beaming and the radiation had begun. The ladies came in and marked me again.  The metal arms again came over my chest.  After about what seemed like twenty-five minutes.  The ladies came in again and said, "Now it's time to give you your tattoo's, like the one's they told you about in orientation."  My reply was, "NAW!  That I did not hear!"  What am I to do?  Just lay there like a dummy and say, "Uh, sure go right ahead".  It was another couple of needle pricks.  It was over!  I would have done anything to get out of there.  All my future appointments will be fifteen minutes.  That is a reward!  At this moment in time they have seventy-two patients getting radiation, with more on the way.  Therefore I must have my next appointments in the evening.  My reward will be the following appointments will be at 9:45 a.m.  Sure I can do that!  Just name it I will do it! Here is the schedule:

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