Thursday, August 16, 2012

8/16/12 Radiation Robot! ME! pf

I am like a programed ROBOT! I am lucky on one side?  My appointments are at 6:45 p.m. and they take me at 7 p.m. When I get to the hospital I have a hospital I.D. ribbon I wear around my neck.  I get to the desk and I flash it under a light that shows my name and appointment time on a screen.. Then I go down a hall to the waiting area of all the other folks waiting to have their radiation treatment.  I go into a dressing room and take off my top and change into a surgical cotton top with the tie strings in the back. Put my tee shirt in my purse and go out to the waiting room. I settle down in my chair.  The T.V. is on and I pull out my IPAD.  Some of the patients are at a table doing a large crossword puzzle, others have a book.  It is quiet like a library. The technician comes out to get someone.  Later I am called: "Phyllis Rehmar, are you ready?" I hop up like a sprint runner and go in.  I see my photo on the computer monitor. I say, yes I am Phyllis Rehmar 05/06/1933, like the ROBOT, I have become. I go to the other room get on the gurney with my imprinted pillow and honker down.  I have a technician on either side of me and they call out numbers to each other.  One then pulls my hip area over on the gurney, where it should be.  I repeat my mantra, "Yes! my head is all the way over to the right.  My arms are on the bar in back of my head.  I will not move!" They reply, "that's good!" They go out of the room to watch me on the monitor.  The large lighted disk comes over my chest with a thin green light going across my chest.  I can see my image in the glass of the disk.  There is also a small green light in the ceiling.  There is a  lite photo of a large palm tree on the ceiling  to give the idea of nature.  I begin my count-down of the large ceiling tiles!  Yup! the thirty six I can see are still there. Now its time for the techs to come back in and place a rubber type shield over my NO BOOB area.  They leave and the large disk and adjoining arm come back over my chest and side. The techs soon come back in and say, "Phyllis, you can move your arms, slip your arms back into the sleeves of the gown. I jump off the table.  Get my cotton tee shirt on.  Pick up my purse and IPAD.  Tell the techs many thanks. Out the door I go to find a rain storm in progress.  Lucky ROBOT ME..I have a pink umbrella.  I wade out in the dark of night ankle deep and say blessings that I am out of there and FREE AT LAST! FOR A FEW MORE HOURS..till the next time..tomorrow!Hugs, phyllis 05/06/1933

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