Sunday, August 26, 2012

8/26/12... "Mother Hens" us? pr

We women take care of our men.  We watch what they eat.  We encourage them to exercise. Women watch over their men like “Mother Hens”! On the other hand, when it comes to us, women are very similar.  We do not go to the doctor with the onset of pains.  If we are losing weight, we do not tend to ourselves, or if we are gaining, we just look in the mirror and say, oh well! This has all happened to me in some form.  The morning show today was given by Dr. Gupta on CNN.  He is quite good.  He went into women are number one with having heart attacks.  The symptoms are nausea. Pain down either arm. Jaw hurting. Feeling Clammy. Chew two aspirin and call 911. Dr. Gupta pointed out, if you are wrong, you win and if you are having a heart attack, you win because you will get help and save your life.  Take care of yourself, you are a treasure and one of a kind.Hugs,phyllis  05/06/1933


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