Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/5/12 Best Friends Cancer pr

Best friends are rare.  Thank goodness for this major illness.  I find I have found so many best friends.  Who are they?  The doctors, the kind people in the MRI department.  Why you say?  The MRI department?  Yes, I remember so vividly I had closterphobia as my best friend I carried with me in elevators and crowded places.  Surely, I would never have an MRI, the ultimate closterphobia pal.  Instead, the tech in the MRI department was so kind to me to show me around the day before the test.  I  able to now take any test that comes my way.  Those techs are now my best friends.  My other best friends are the people that work in the busy pharmacy at Wal-Mart who helped me find an over the counter medicine on day three after my surgery.  They are surely my best friends.  The Radiation department at Halifax Hospital, Daytona Beach.  There are two of my best friends  that have my gurney bed all made up when I get there.  They do measurements on where I am on the gurney daily.  They come in mid-way through the procedure to put the rubber covering over my No Boob.  These are my best friends. They have all made me feel as though I could ask them for help at any time and they would come to my aid.  All so carrying and kind.  I have said thank-you, many times over.  Is that enough?  No! I will never forget any of them, as I know I would not have come this far had they not given me their strong hand and smile covered with kindness. Hugs, phyllis  05/06/1933

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