Friday, April 27, 2012

4/28/12..What a Haul..Pulling Health Together!

If I could only make it easier for Bill. Time goes quickly, it waits for no one! And! it takes you to another point in your life quickly. Bill has made so much progress. With the nurses help he walked out to the hall yesterday and he sat in a chair for an hour. He had two breathing sessions with a breathing mask on his face with some meds in it for his lungs.  He gets this upon waking in the mornings and before he goes to bed.  It seems drinking water is helpful for his lungs.  I got some sips down him. His voice is very faint. What a pair we are, with my weak voice, blending with his! We were together, he and I and a band of nurses from twelve noon till almost 5 p.m. I made arrangements for him to go to a  health recuperation place, which also includes physical therapy.  This will help him get stronger each day and we can have the joy of having a meal together.  The first time I am allowed up to see him is 12 noon. I come home from seeing Bill and have some cereal and banana, one of my favorites and go to sleep.  I have not checked our mail box for days..Hugs, phyllis

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