Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/12 BRAC1 &2/ Catherine McQuade RN ONC/MY TEAM/my BOOB!

The BRAIN MRI is clean! The BRAC 1&2 blood test sent off yesterday! Results back maybe 4/26/12, The results will tell if it is hereditary, if so the results will help my daughter and son, as they can pass the info in writing to their doctors and children ect. Perhaps not heredity..then that will also be helpful for them. Catherine McQuade RN ONC is one of my team members and MORE! got the ball rolling: all  the mountains of paper work and blood test off for this special test that was ordered by my surgeon, Dr. Joseph D. Bianchi. Ms McQuade goes over every grain of the BRACA 1&2 and teaches and explains to me the reports from the team's findings of the week before! Goodness! Helpful! YES! How lucky can I be!  Bill able to be in there with me, so he knows every morsel of what is going on with my MASS that is getting smaller. Today! UPPER GI TEST at 1:30 p.m. due to the dryness of the meds and the small size of the esophugus they will stretch it. This will be more comfortable for me! ONWARD! The split pea and barley soup is cooking for when I get home and then there is French Vanilla Ice Cream! What a reward! Of course Bill and his IPAD 3 will go with me! Hugs phyllis

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