Thursday, April 19, 2012


Office visit today: Dr. J. Bianchi, Surgeon. I thought the MASS wad down about 20%..he thought it was MORE! The news is I will be on ARIMIDEX for life. ..if there are any lymph nodes affected they are also getting smaller..This means I will more than likely NOT have to have CEMO.. before surgery, which is GREAT! This is all due to the fact I am responding to the ARIMIDEX!
Most of all I give CHEERS! to my Doctors and my team! What a pull of the efforts of so many people!
Thank-you all!  And! thank-heavens I keep on WALKING EVERY DAY!  AND! THE VEGGIES, my silent helpers!  Of course there is FRENCH VANILLA ICE CREAM that is on my side..NO my hips!
My silly side has kicked in...Hugs..phyllis 

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