Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15/12 .....A Glorious Sunday! Not the Ice Cream Kind!

This is one of those days, you think?   How Good is This!  An early a.m. walk.  A late perfect brunch with Bill. Cleaning off part of the papers by my desk! With Bill's help..he is the organized one!  Then a concert this afternoon..With Conductor/Artistic Director, Gordon S. Russell at the Preforming Arts Center in Ormond Beach, Fl. Some of the played items were Carmen Suite, Blue Tango The Entertainer, Clairnet Quintet, West Side Story Highlights, ect..a real pleasant time..Followed with a good coffee, what more is there?  Onward!  Life and my Boob are going good!..This is a special week coming up, as I see the MAN, Surgeon on April 19, 12..this Thursday!  Let's hear his thoughts on the progress! At this point in time I have 28 more days of this med I am on now..A powerful swallow each a.m. I must say.
That's all for now..a good week coming up for you..Hugs..phyllis

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