Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/28/12... Bill Improves Since Yesterday!

...It is amazing..the recovery process, since I saw Bill last evening..there is a big change in him
today..He was sitting in the chair when I arrived at noon. He said he had 1/2 egg and a couple of

pieces of dry cereal. I ordered his lunch and he had a couple of bites of meat..and all of his jello and

2 spoons of vanilla pudding and a half cup of coffee..His surgeon was there with a good report on Bill.

He took the drain out of his chest. What skill! After he ate his lunch we played "blow out the candles".

That is to open his lungs..He was so much more improved with that.I could feel his breathe on my

face. Yesterday it was not that strong. By that time he feel asleep..The nurse was going to walk

him down the hall when he gets up. At that point I left and will be back for the 4 p.m. shift and his

dinner...I did give our dog, Annie a bath and brush before I went to see Bill..I will try and go to sleep.

I did my cereal routine and fruit for lunch..Hugs, Phyllis

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