Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/18/12 Answers to Why I BLOG ABOUT CANCER!

My treatment will take almost a year for completion, that part is the same for most people.

I am on the first part of treatment Armidex 1 mg...a two month treatment.., which will be

over about 18 more days..within that time blood tests are taken and you finish your MRI's

of this period in time. The team of four follow your every tests and meet once a week to

follow progress..Then after this period of time as they continue to follow the size of the MASS

they decide how much medicine to give you on the next phase..which again, might last

another two that lets you know some of the progress. I continue to walk each a.m.

and carry on with our plans..we do not have plans to go out of town until this is over.

It becomes a chore for me to go into  all this same stuff so many times with family, doctors, friends,
 and people in my support group.
  The blog is good, as it is all broken down into can just read the "headlines"
to get updates..IF you have just alittle time. Thanks to everyone for all the kindnesses on our behalf.
This cancer treatment business keeps me and us on the run. Hugs back to each one of you..phyllis   AND! hit the BLOG BUTTON!

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