Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/17/12 *Dr. Sharon Goldish talked on Lymphedema after Breast Surgery

Went to my first Breast Cancer Support Group at the France Tower at Halifax.  What an eye opener for me.  I had no previous idea of Lymphedema after breast surgery.  We all came away, more informed.  Most everyone shared their stories.  Who knows what's lurking way up in our arm pits?  One more reason to check those breasts...for any abnormal color..look under the breasts, also..You can never look too much.  The breast are quite clever.  They can hid the largest of MASS MATERIAL..or the smallest
of a lump!  Just ask me.  My MASS was 11 cm...I just shake my head when I say that...You would have thought..oh well..what a big difference couldn't you tell what was going on?  As they say, I was the last to know and felt silly running to the mammogram center to schedule a mammogram for that day.  We women have a deep intuitive power.  We are lucky for this good trait..Go for it girls!  I am glad I did.  Even though I have a big haul ahead of me..I am plowing through this. Do the same! Hugs, phyllis www.women70andover.com

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