Saturday, November 19, 2016

Friends Give Courage To One Another.

I have always come away with a visit with one of my friends covered with courage, comfort and kindness. We meet in a common comfortable restaurant just my friend and me.  The glow came over me, just to see her face.  I knew I was welcomed.  We could both be ourselves.  Sharing our moments since our week gone by.  We each have a daughter and son.  We each have grown grandchildren .

My friend was going on a trip with her daughter to meet her granddaughter in England.  She showed me a recent photo of her granddaughter, with pink hair.  I thought this was cool.  What a creative girl she is.  My friend then told me she was majoring in environmental savings.  How thankful I became this charming girl with the pink hair will surely save the water from covering Florida in twenty-five years.

We talked about our aging issues.  Me just having siatica disc surgery and immediately getting rid of that horrible pain and being able to walk right away.  What a miracle.  At eighty-three every thing becomes a miracle.

My daughter at sixty-one and her daughter is a few years younger.  We both shared some of the things we hoped to journal for our daughters.  Did I tell my daughter all those tid-bits about my Grandmother?  No.

Our food and coffee was just something we picked at.  Our real food was each other.  We pulled out our phones, so we could put down our next brunch time.  Next Tuesday sounded perfect.  Always on Tuesday @ 10:30 a.m.

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