Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 3, 2016.          The Winter  Of My Life
     What does it mean, the Winter of My Life?  For starters, I am no Spring Chicken as my Mom would have said.  Instead, I am at a peaceful time of life. Contentment has come over me.  It is my pleasure to help others.  To listen with all ears and heart.  The most important thing about this life is I must recognize the humility and gift of others.  In doing so I always get a comfort in return, like all is well with the day and the moment.  
     It seems others are never told how valuable they are.  How beautiful they are.  How important they are.  What a pity.  Never mind I always find something about them that is special and I tell them so.  I loved telling my friend how special and pretty she was.  Her face got red.  I told her if she did not believe me, go into the bathroom and look in the mirror .
     When I think my next birthday will appear on May 6, 2016 when I will be eighty-three. If
I live seven more years I will be Ninety.  Now we both know that is impossible, with my health background.  It encourages me to be that much kinder and caring of those I meet as they are my gifts.  How lucky can I be.  Did you ever hear of such a funny person like me?

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