Friday, July 7, 2017

July 7, 2017    In Honor of my Friend Martha

        As I walk with you together and sometimes only in the thoughts we share in the quiet of our minds, we are together.  Now we share this breast mastectomy club we are in together.  You being too young and beautiful, how could this have happened?  Well it did and the heck with it, as you are coming to terms with it as I did five years ago.  Does this make it easier, NO.  Instead we now encourage one another.
       Your choice to use the COLD CAP takes the bravery and strong determination only you have. You had your first Chem with the cap on yesterday.  My!  It was an bid thick cap looking thing filled with heaving dry ice.  I remember you saying the temperature went down to  -30 degrees.  You wore it during Cemo and also for four hours later in the afternoon.  I will never forget the photo you sent me.
        I and everyone that knows you gives you a badge of are now A WOMEN OF VALOUR, my dear friend MARTHA.....Thanks for Stan's continued support..and getting that ice cracked and hugs and coffee you love.  
        Much love and hugs to you both.
        Your pal, your Mother , Aunts and cousins and Cat,

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