Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 3,2016.  
  The Sky Is Falling
Henny Penny is falling and I am in the midst of it all.  The articles on the facts that more people die from falls than anything else.  Sure, I have read these articles since I was forty.  This is a topic we talk about over a glass of wine.  At this moment I am in the storm of all of it.  My friends are falling.  Just yesterday I learned my friend slipped on some oil on the garage floor.  She is now in a brace.  She recently helped her husband back to health after a year of events from a fall.  He has finally mended after a lot of surgery and thearapy .  Then the phone rang and another friend said she was unable to attend class we go to, as she fell face down at a large outdoor event.

It seems this is the tip of the ice berg, the after mats of falls, the new norm?

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