Monday, March 12, 2012


Today was Gooooooooooood!  The Gastro Doctor..said I do not need  to have an upper GI..and
the Colostomy Doctor..said I do not need to have a up the TUSH..routine! And ! the PET SCAN
report said all my this point are NOT effected with the CANCER, so among the torns
good things to report on my side.  

My spirits are up!  I have a glass of wine I am sipping on.  Annie, my King Charles eating
her food right by me..and Bill is cooking great things in the kitchen!  OH!  after I got the report no
UPPER AND LOWER tests..I said lets celebrate and stop at CRISPY CREAM DOUGHNUTS....
WITH A CUP OF COFFEE..Bill and I shared.  We gave the remainder of the doughnuts. to GORDON..our slim friend that lives next door..he is our "Mikey" know "lets give it to Mikey".
What a good sport he is and kind and boot. HUGS..Phyllis 

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  1. What great news! A clear Pet scan. I am so happy! And you drank wine? I've never seen you do that. Please have Bill snap a photo of it next time. Love Muriel