Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy like my Birthday! Instead= This is PET SCAN DAY!

My PET SCAN IS AT 10:45 A.M today. This is a two 1/2 hour thingy and they can tell if the CANCER has
invaded any of the other organs.  You have a IV and it puts some kind of dye used as a marker.  I am so
excited about this = to think when I shower..I have all this stuff behind my skin..really working like a dog, so
I can go for my 4 mile walk each a.m. This is better than going to see what's wrong with your car.  To be able
to know how my "beat..beat..beat.."  works..And! there was a song when I was a kid..The knee bone is connected to the thy bone, ect.  They are so kind in the department of nuclear medicine.  It makes you want
to stay still..and do not move from the left to the right.
Gee, it is only 4:45 a.m. I have walked this early before, but now  as I age..I try hard to wait till 6 a.m. to show my self I am
more mature and thoughtful of my self ! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Do you believe that? Well I will linger in the
shower till the water gets cold..that will take up some time..and read the on line..that will do it!
Hugs..and more..till the next time..Phyllis

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