Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15 2012 DR. RICHARD WEISS MARCH 16, 2012 appointment

Test results tomorrow March 16, 2012..So we will see what we will see..another bit of news to digest..and report on into my blog.  Let's see what comes of my efforts to lie in that sealed tube, especially made for people like me with claustrophobia. There is one good thing of all of this..This process has eliminated my claustrophobia. Will add to my blog when I get home from Doctor appointments and write down what went on.  You are my quiet friend, who is always there for me..Kinda like my dog Annie!  Except this moment in time she is by my side..snoring..but my dears, she is by my side..and dear Bill is reading his computer, just in back of my computer..this is living! let me tell you..thanks for hanging here with are dears..3/15/12/ www.women70and   hugs.Phyllis


  1. Test. I have not been able to sign in without being part of a profile.



  2. Now it works. Thank you for your patience.