Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am so excited! I could jump off this page! Look!!

This is great! The appointment lady called and I am in with my Radiation Oncologist March 13/ Medical Oncologist March 16 and my Surgeon March 22, 2012. They will soon have all the biopsy data to draw from to put
my plan into focus..  This takes a load off .. I am excited. A Plan! A Plan! I could sing it to the
sound of music and a TEAM.  

Today we only have one doctor's appointment for Bill to have some more Cancer taken off his face and
where ever else they can find it. Remember he was a Sailboat man for forty years and a redhead, put that
together and you get skin cancer.  He has had it for years and for years he is such a good patiet, they burn
it off and he does not flinch.  What a man! What a guy! I love him..

Thats all for this moment, thanks for hanging here with me.  You all are the greatest! Hugs and more, Phyllis

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