Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012..Just plain tired from the tests!

Good Evening..We had Chinese tonight..they know how to do it good on a sizzling platter.  The rice and
tea they serve are so soothing!  Just what we both needed after the doctor appointment and the fasting
for another in the tube scan/ with stuff in the vein..I hoped I would get lolled to sleep while in the tube.  It did not happen..

I was filling out doctor's office papers and last minute stuff last night.  You would think I could rattle off, now what year was it?  Tomorrow is clean my desk..Papers from the printer..and stuff..stuff..around.  It would be
nice if it would turn into rose pedals..with the smell of lilacs..Good night for now, even tho the sun has not gone down..Hugs..phyllis     www.women70andover.com

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