Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pretty Amazing! This Bump in the Breast I Have! 3/31/12 phyllis!

It is amazing!  I must say  that. I have energy.  I continue to do my four mile early a.m. walks   My daily med
for the cancer is Arimidex anastrozole 1 mg. I have no ill effects from the med. It is doing the job of taking the estrogen out of my body and shrinking the MASS. I can tell the MASS is getting smaller to what extent I do
not know, that's what the four place wonderful team will tell me, through blood tests they have taken and
sharing with one another at their weekly meetings..over lunch! My next appointment with my Oncologist:
Dr. Richard Weiss is Thursday April 5, I will learn more then. I continue on with many projects. Bill does the same. He is quite good as he just had more skin cancer taken off his arm and ear.  He does not
flinch..just ....pour it on BABY! and off we go after that..probably for my allergy shots! What did Roseanna
Dana! from the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE years ago, she would say..."If it's not this it's that and so on! Of course she was funny..but then I am not on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!
hugs..phyllis 3/31/12 without family and friends..I am nothing!


  1. 4/8/12..What a revolting Gildersleeve would say! I cannot get on my own blog..! Since my last blog on 2/31/12 ..I have had a brain scan..the ultimate for closterphobia! Will get the results on 4/10/12..and on 4/11/12 will have an upper GI..these tests will rule out any problems that could arise..continue to walk every a.m. planted flowers in the garden..and life goes onl. I feel well..Am adjusting to hot they are just for a "flash"..This humbles me..Heaven knows I need humbling! Have a good Passover..Eating too much matzo will have you borrowing my mineral oil! Hugs Phyllis

  2. I wondered why you were "silent". Hope you can straighten out the blog. I also use Blogger when I travel but that won't be til late August.

    Not to put too fine a point on I recall, the Great Gildersleeve would say "What a revoltin' development!".