Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doctor appointment changed to Friday..March 16, 2012

This is part of it!  Patience! Thinking you will get your test results one day..and it is the next..I am trying to
improve that part of me..more patience needed!  Oh well, we all say, "What's one more day?"

Thanks for hanging here with me in the very quiet of our computer room..I can somehow tell you are here
with me..thanks..hugs till tomorrow...phyllis 3/14/

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  1. I'M following you all the time, though I don't know why my photo does not show up for you as it does on my screen. I'm thinking of you often during my day. I wish you were here to do beach walking with me--it's grand up here in Ludington. I will call tomorrow to see if the doctors have my brain scan result. I had the MRI a week ago. Love Muriel