Friday, March 23, 2012

Did You Laugh at Yourself? I do! Tell Me! Share/ phyllis 3/23/12

When we have a "booboo" ..we all want to make it better! With mine..tell me something funny!  I dropped my medicine container...on the floor by the computer..In the meantime..I did some chores around the house..quick..that's how I and dangerous! Because I can easily throw something out in a fast clean-up...I looked at my desk! no! meds..Later! I looked in the sea of wires from my computer, ect..and there was the medicine. There is a whole world at your feet! Come on!  Tell me?  What has happened in your day?  Have a fun week-end..Hugs..phyllis

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  1. hihi,my dear, brave,and sweet friend. You always think about others.....even now....
    i got one thing to share. We went to Hope valley (south of Tahoe), my very first X-country ski. I had gloves on for holding the poles, took one off and put it on the pole so i could click the camera shutter. After took some pictures, i could not found my another glove.....well, black on white snow, should not be hard.....look and look and look............O, one is on my left hand; i never took off, and another is on the pole....HAHAHHA....
    Here are some photos aaron took. Hope you like them. Share with you, my dear friend.....

    Mines have not have chance to put on the web. Busy on helping my sister....remodeling house.

    Think about you, and hope you are getting better and better.

    By the way, this is my first blog...:)