Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6/13/12 High Hopes !!! Ha! Ha!

We have high hopes we can get through our doctor appointment run today to have lunch at our new most favorite place in the world JOE'S CRAB, that just moved to our pier. We always had to go to the one in Miami Beach..maybe once a year ...if we were lucky. Then we wanted to see the film Hotel Marigold ..with our favorite Judy Dunch..did I butcher her name? Yes!  I have already seen it..will see it again, to enjoy it with Bill..Soooooo we have good intentions..I am ahead of the curve..Had my big walk.  Bill getting better..he walked around the loop with his walker. AND I POLISHED HIS YUCCKKKY YELLOW FUNGUS NAILS..only 3 more times to do that today. Of course I wash my hands..with Clorox..almost..It is an unpleasant job, no one will take away from me. Hugs, phyllis

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