Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6/12...Bill can put on his PANTS!.....

Bill has learned how to put on his pants again!  What does that mean?  Ocupational therapy is working!
After OPEN HEART SURGERY, you must learn how to rebend..and use tools.  They have Bill a tool that is a metal grabber.  It is a little shorter than your arm and you click it..and it can pick up his pants that positions them to step into.....He is also able to grab things off his night stand..He is enjoying the spices and the product NO SALT, that I put together for him in a clear plastic zippered bag..he takes that to the dining room and jazzes up his meals.  He does very well with his eating, as they give him a "baby cup" of soup first, not like the kind at home, that gets you FAT!..then the salad lady comes around and puts a world of fresh veggies in his small bowl..then the main course..During the meal he gets coffee and sugar free lemonade..He feels full and well leave. NO ROLLS!   He is off deserts..and we leave the dining room.  Instead he has fresh fruit in his room, on the other hand!  He is full! They change his leg bandage four times a day.  That surgery went from his ankle to mid thigh..What a chore and skill that is.   We are both pleased of his progress. ..hugs..phyllis

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