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Murphy's Law:  "If it can happen...IT WILL"..So many components we must watch and DO FOR HEALTH SAKE!  More important..for our own self.  The most important: Fruits, Veggies and Grains..if they do not have this at a fast food drive-in..get out of the car and go to the produce department..start there, if you have just a drop more time..go to the cereal isle and get a box of Kashi. Which one?  GO LEAN/13 POTEIN/10 FIBER/1 LOW FAT. Learn these numbers like your SS#. Choose a time to WALK..I am about to push the publish button and walk..

·         National Heart, Lung, and Blood Instituteyifestyle Change

·        sThe same amount of energy IN and energy OUT over time = weight stays the same (energy balance)

·        More energy IN than OUT over time = weight gain

·        More energy OUT than IN over time = weight loss ..Hope you will read the rest..below..hugs..phyllis   www.women70andover.com

Maintain a healthy weight.

Do physical activity for 30 minutes most

days of the week.

Eat a diet high in fresh fruits and

lowfat dairy products with reduced

saturated and total fat.

Choose foods that are lower in salt and

other forms of sodium. Read food labels.

If you drink alcohol, have no more

than one drink a day for women, two

drinks a day for men.

Remember to take your blood pressure


Doctor’s Name:

Doctor’s Address:

Doctor’s Telephone Number:

My Blood

Pressure Diary

Lifestyle Changes

To Help Reduce High

Blood Pressure

Talk with your doctor about the lifestyle

changes that are appropriate for you. Check

off the lifestyle changes you are going to use

to help lower your blood pressure.

Carry This Card To Help

Prevent or Control High

Blood Pressure

My Blood Pressure Goal:


National Institutes of Health

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

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