Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1/9/13 Crowd in ONE MORE THING ! pr

                                            One More Thing

One more thing happens at all ages.   An extra hour at work.  You forgot something at the grocery.  We have all done these things with ease.  As we age these simple chores that you excepted become mountains in your life.  Mountains that are coupled with major illnesses that lead to doctor’s appointments.  New medications.  Your spouse’s major illnesses that hit unexpectedly.  Sleeping gets harder to do at bedtime.  Staying asleep also becomes a problem.  Another trip to the bathroom.  Your head gets full of all these moments of distractions.  You begin an exercise program of walking.  This is great when you are walking, then real life gets in the way and you are back on your scheduled treadmill of one more thing to do. 

This brings about the opportunity to take a time out for you.  Go to a quiet room.  Sit in a chair, or lie down in the bed.  Have some quiet type music on and clear your head.  Do not let anything enter your head except air.  We all need quiet time.  We all need something we do, just for us, so we can give to others.  After a week of this, you will notice your blood pressure going down.  A calmness will run through your shoulders.  You have slowed your body down.  More important you have learned to let go of one more thing!  Give yourself a chance and continue with quiet time and quality time added to your life.  It is free! Hugs,phyllis  05/06/1933




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