Friday, January 11, 2013

1/11/2013 My Mom's Face ? pr

We all think  we know so much when it comes to aging!  The older I get the less I know!  Of course, I am finding the mirror is the best teacher out there!  Instead of looking like my Mom, I look like my Dad!  It happens in the best of families.  Did it have to happen to me?  My Mom had such a lovely round face.  My Dad had a bony face.  I have a bony face with sunk in cheeks that land over my cheekbones.  At least they have something to hang on to.  I have lost weight in my face.  Does that happen to everyone?  No!  I really think all other women I see must have faces like their Mom's  I have not seen one other lady with a bony face.  Aging is so personal.  Nice thick hair!  No!  I do not have that either.  Instead, I have waves in my hair that look as if they flew off my Dad's head.  There is no remedy for this.  No face creams, no beauty shops, no nothing.  Just cold turkey truth!

I never in my life thought I would live to be on the verge of eighty years old.  I always thought when one becomes sixty, surely that person would be in a wheel chair.  I was climbing large steep trails when I was sixty and got married again at the age of sixty-three.  I had no thought of old age, or becoming old.  Romance will do that for you!  Now when I ponder eighty years old, I say to myself, "that is  @#$% old!  I am able to continue walking four miles every morning!  That does not count or help my bony face! Hugs,phyllis 05/06/1933

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