Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1/1/13 Tribute to Judy Blume pr

Judy Blume, a master of words.  She proved this to be true with the completion of so many remembered children's books.  She will continued to be read all over the world  world for generations to come.  She recently died of breast cancer.  I will miss her smiles and her courage.  She left me gifts of purpose and determination.  I did not have to know her in person to be a best friend.  When you leave something for others of such value it is a gift of the soul.

Judy Blume wrote this when speaking of her breast cancer: 
Judy Blume: The beloved young adult author, 74, writes about her breast cancer diagnosis and recovering from a mastectomy on her blog in a post titled !@#$% Happens.

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Check out Judy Blume's website: judyblume.com ..see for yourself!

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