Friday, November 30, 2012

11/30/12 More to Learn! pr

Just when you thought you had life pulled together changes hit us in the face.  We are going through the journey of perhaps getting another dog.  This is helping the healing process.  It surely is a learning experience!  Are we having fun!  We are trying!  Over hill and dale to Humane shelters, looking at dogs.  Gee, it is surprising to see these dogs are in such good condition.  So far they are all too large.  We are used to 16 pounds of soft fur!  Our Cavalier King Charles had such a sweet disposition we have decided perhaps we can find a rescue Cavalier King Charles.  That is where we are today!  All subject to more changes and adjustments! Sounds like real life! Hugs,phyllis 05/06/1933

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