Friday, October 5, 2012

10/5/12 Dealing With Illnesses? pr

There are two ways to go?  Deal with whatever it is now, with no delay, or use all your positive energy to waste time and deal with it latter.  Our positive  energy gets used up quickly, which makes it difficult to get energized as

rapidly again.  I have not learned what gives me energy.  If I had to come up

with an answer, I would say small amounts of food about five times a day. 

Walking daily.  For me walking is like erasing clutter from my mind.  Being out

with nature by myself is like some people doing yoga.  When I get back home, I am

full of creative thoughts that I quickly put into motion. Twenty years ago I

would have easily thought eighty years old? That is surely time for a rocking

chair, not in motion, as I am daily.  How I got Cancer, I do not know?  I wish I

could tell you, so you would not get it.  I would really feel good about that. 

We must try and be protective of ourselves and stay as healthy as we can be.  It

is not an easy task.  We are all worth it.  Hugs, Phyllis05/06/1933. The typing is WACKO BECAUSE I moved it from my IPad3..YUK!


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