Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12/4/12 Make Over? HUH? pr

Left the Humane Shelter.  Just missed two King Charles Spaniels over the weekend.  There is hope in finding a fur friend.  From there we went to Dillards.  The last straw was in my purse, a new lipstick that could pass one gulp of water without coming off.  You might be asking how does this equate to breast cancer and losing a dog?  Actually it all fits in like the last pieces of a large puzzle.  We need a best friend animal by our sides and we need lipstick that will stay on.  Most of all females like to feel beautiful.  It does not matter if you are or you are not.  Just feeling that way makes it happen.  It cannot happen without the Lancome Lady at Dillards or your favorite upgraded place to shop.  Wall Mart did not do it for my lips!  Ah ! Ha!  The make-up lady spent an hour with my face.  I went along for the ride.  True she made my lips not feel dry and crackly.  Instead they feel part of a Monet painting!  Not my whole face!  The radiation takes every drop of moisture out of your body..End results of my efforts:  there is hope we will find a dog/I feel more famine, after my visit to the beauty bar after my mastectomy and all is well with the world, just for this moment!Hugs,phyllis  05/06/1933   www.women70andover.com 

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