Friday, August 2, 2013

                          Doctor    Anyone?  8/2/2013 

     Appointments of all sorts for two people is not an easy job.  The Ipad is a

big help until I do a screw-up of not putting in which person the appointment is

for.  Infact,  that was the lesson I learned this morning at the eye doctor


     They were so creative.  They swapped appointments.  Everything glossed over

my error.  I deleted my mistake.

     Every doctor appointment is a learning experience.  How long have I been

trying to convince the eye doctor I was able to see better than I do?  If I was

really smart I could memorize the letters they ask each time.  The last letter

is an e.  Am I right?  A four you say.  I am  not even close.  They catch on real

quick.  What is the point of my deception?  One perk of it is it makes me laugh

when I am found out in the doctor's office.

       The internist office presents a different deception.  I have to get on

the scale .  Off come my shoes.  Do they really weigh five pounds?  It is too

late to help myself when I get on the scale.

     This all started with my last  birthday.  Eighty.   I must try and be

honest with myself.  Is it too late? 

      There is no reason to be so hard on myself.  Laughing is the best way to

make sense of my doctor's appointments.  That last letter is an e.  A four you

say.  You are right...I am not even close.
Post your comments here on your doctor appointmets.  Just press the button  phyllis


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